Florida ATT / DOH / Pearson Vue Advice

  1. This is just advice from a recent graduate.

    As SOON as you can register with the Florida Department of Health and Pearson Vue - DO IT! You want your application complete before your college/university sends your information to the state so it can be married with your application file. You are placed in line for review according to the time your file is complete. Once your application is reviewed, then Pearson Vue is notified and will email your ATT.

    Its important to note, if you are not registered with Pearson Vue when the state sends your information - prepare to go into a black hole. You will have to make contacts with both entities and coordinate the resending of information so Pearson Vue can issue your ATT. This will substantially delay your ability to schedule an NCLEX test date.

    The moment you receive your ATT, schedule your NCLEX date. The dates fill up FAST and are first come, first serve. If you wait, you may have to test much later than desired and most GN programs require you to have your license in hand by a certain date.

    I was registered with the state and Pearson Vue before I actually graduated and received my ATT about 2 weeks after graduation. Certain students who waited until after graduation to start the process waited almost 2 months for their ATT.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. by   bridg0809
    Very good info!
  4. by   cmedar20
    Thanks for the advice. I will send all my stuff in this week.
  5. by   thejadedmonkey
    As a fellow Floridian, I can second everything the OP said. There were huge differences within my cohort on the amount of time it took to receive an ATT ranging from 3-5 days after graduation to almost a month or more.

    My nursing program explicitly told us to wait until 2-4 weeks before graduation to send stuff in, but early birds who sent in their applications online months in advance were the first ones to get an ATT and secure a favorable testing date at a nearby site. My ATT arrived only 7 days after graduation and I had to drive 5 hours out of town to snag a date that wasn't more than 2 weeks away from the receipt of my letter. If I wanted to test at the Pearson site in my city, I would've had to wait 3 1/2 weeks!