Finaly, I passed !!!

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    I'm a foreign nurse so it was so difficult for me but not impossible.Yesterday, was my third examination. I was so scared but I took my time with every question, thinking slowly and chose the correct answer. The first thing was comment to GOD and gave my exam to Him. Now, I can breathe freely without pressure. Thanks God for give me the privilege of serving as a Nurse. Now, I encourage you to get ready and follow along on this path to be a nurse because nothing is impossible in this life with God.
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    Hi! Congatz! How did u study? I am a foreign grad too.
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    Glad for you! Congratulations!
    Did you have to get the CGFNS certification before be able to take the NCLEX??
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    I took a review with a teacher ************for one month, my teacher told me to do 12000 question practice only question a rationals. I used Saunders, Hogan (Pearson) CDs and ******* in the web. Good look!!
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    No, my papers validation I did in California "ERES" but I live in FL. They sent your papers to the board and then you need to sent your application with the money. You need to wait for the approve. After that you have 1 year for the nclex. If you do the nclex subscription you have only 3 moths for give the examination
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    Give yourself some credit LyonLive... God helps those who help themselves... or ... something like that...?
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    Thansk you
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    Congrats, I hope i pass the first time!

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