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After many attempts at the NCLEX I finally conquered it! I want to give God all the glory. He gave me so much strength to keep going and to keep studying to pass it. I graduated in 2010 so it has been a long two years waiting... Read More

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    oh thats wonderful blynn, just think, half the battle is getting to know your coworkers and fitting in, so since you already know them, that should make your transition a little smoother. i know how you feel though, once i pass nclex, im scared to death to actually practice, but you've already proved that you have endurance and courage, you will be just fine; i have no doubt that you will make a great nurse! thanks for your prayers!
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    Congratulations )

    I was just reading your advised the other day for someone who failed the exam too,..And from that day that you have said that your taking it again despite of those past experiences,.you just inspired me and gave me more motivation not to give up and study even more,. I already failed the nclex twice and soon I will be taking it again next month,.. I'm just hoping and praying for the best,.Thank you for sharing your stories,.You deserve it and goodluck to your new journey ) Godbless )
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    Thank you so much. Don't ever ever give up. I wanted to a million times, but I kept on preserving. God will give you the strength to get through it. The other day was my fifth attempt at the NCLEX. I was really nervous, but I prayed in my car before I walked over to the building to where the test was. Then once I made it into the testing center I prayed again. I was the very last one to sign in for my test that day. I was dreading it so bad. When it shut off at like 105 I was in shock when my screen went blue and shut off. I always had to go all the way to 265 in the past. I came out and done the trick, and I got the good pop up. I couldn't believe it. Then I saw my license number on the board the next day. That is an awesome feeling to see you have a RN license. I cried when I saw my name on the nursing board. I give him all the glory. It has been two long years since I graduated. God was with me all the way through my test. You can do this! Just keep studying. Third time you will pass it!
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    Thank you so much I keep that in mind.,.i know prayers can move mountains.,.I graduated outside US and when I came here I started working in a different field while waiting for my ATT before and failed for the first time and yes it took me one year again to take my second try and for that one year it made realized that thats not the job I really wanted to do coz I know that in my heart all I wanted is to become a Nurse.,.In God's blessings i had the Opportunity to stop working for a while in Te help of my husband and just focus studying but unfortunately I failed the second time around and run out of my time,.I re- registered again to take it next month.,.that's why when I read your post that your sitting for the nclex again for your fifth try you just gave strength to stand up. ,.I just love your perseverance and courage for not losing hope despite of those many tries.,.and see you made it.,.God is good all the time and He always have the best plan for us in the right time and the right place.,.Congratulations again and it's time to celebrate
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    Thank you CBMG06202008. You will pass next time. Just pray and keep studying. You will get your license. I know. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep me updated on how you are doing.
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    Congratulations blynn You are such an inspiration I too have failed the NCLEX several times, When you took the NCLEX the first few times, did you do NCSBN or was it the first time you used their study plan/questions when you passed? Did you find that the questions from NCSBN to be similar to the NCLEX?
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    Hi there... I just took my NCLEX for the 5th time as well. I finally got the "good pop up". I am excited and scared at the same time! I live in CA so I have to wait for my results. I keep thinking im the exception to the rule...because ive taken it so many times.I know that they are more than willing to take my money (they have done it many times before) but im still so worried. I have wanted to give up and just throw in the towel more times than I can count. Thank you for story with being honest in how many times youve taken it and sharing your pearsonvue trick experience. Im hoping soon I will see my name on the boards website!!
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    Butterfly913 you will pass next time. Just keep studying. I did find the questions to NCSBN very similar to NCLEX. I took the week of work and did nothing but questions and read every rationale whether I got it right or wrong. I did every question on NCSBN. I bought it this time because my professors where I graduated recommended it. So I did. I believe just doing questions over and over help me pass. Good luck in your studying. I know you pass NCLEX.
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    GOD is good all the time! Congratulations RN!
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    Quote from Yownyown
    GOD is good all the time! Congratulations RN!
    And all the time GOD is good!!!!

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