Failed Nclex twice. Taking it 3rd time and last on March 30, 2010. Need prayer - page 6

Hello future fellow and current nurses I am taking the Nclex exam for the 3rd time :imdbb: . It's so discouraging to fail and then retake, but I can not give up. I am studying now Hurst, Saunders... Read More

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    WOOP WOOP. I remember this nightmare. Phew. Praying for all the current NCLEX takers to pass the test first time. If you don't do not give up. Keep trying and eventually you'll pass it. Do study though ...don't try to take it twice without studying at all like I did the first 2 rounds---I study the third time and I passed. Thank God! :-)
    I've been working in ED - ER ever since and I love it!

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    My prayers to you. Please be positve. I've been in your shoes. I passed on the 3rd attempt. You just have to work a lil extra harder than what you've done so far. At least it helped me when I put in more time than the first 2 attempts. Don't give up. This will be the last time for you to sit this test. Claim it!!!!!!!!

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