failed nclex rn 3 times in louisiana

  1. I have attempted and failed the nclex 3 times. I have one more try left to take the nclex in louisiana. I am scared to death to retest. I don't know what im doing wrong. I have used ATI, Kaplan, Lacharity, Hurst, Saunders book and the 35 page list from this site. I don't usually have test anxiety. I am an A & B student and have never failed an exam before. I've been an LPN for 7 years. I feel my dreams of being an RN are slipping away from me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   tshyshko
    What were you scores in Kaplan? Post your results from kaplan
  4. by   encore13
    I score in the high 60's in kaplan. ATI gave me a 95% chance i would pass the first try
  5. by   Nurse2bplease
    I am in the same boat as you. So damn scared. In NH we can take it 5 times. With my new restudy(i know not a word) I am realising that I was not breaking the question down, is it intervention or implementation, or priority - I always chose the worst pt and that is a trick one as if they wont survive then they are not a priority. I am now using an audio book and it seems pretty good. Also, check out youtube as there are some great videos out there that have helped things "click". Good luck.
  6. by   hardcharger
    4 x in 4 years is the testing policy with lsbn
  7. by   scaredsilly
    After exhausting all of those study materials and still failing three times, perhaps you should consider a tutor. Your nursing school should be able to direct you to one in the area that tutors specifically for NClex. An experienced tutor should be able to figure out your trouble areas, focus on those and get you through the test.