Failed NCLEX, need a job, can I be a CNA in CA? - page 2

I failed the nclex twice and in california, it costs $150 to reapply to the Board (BON), and another $200 for the exam at pearsonvue. Im currently repaying loans, so my savings are drying up fast! Is it possible to become a... Read More

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    go to website and apply to challenge the exam as a cna they just ask you to send your credential

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    I have a BSN and Im working as a Medical Assistant I didn't have to take any tests at all, also they know I'm studying to take the nclex RN they hired me w/o any problems. Unfortunately they don't hire RN's just LPN's so they already know if I pass the test ill leave the facility...good luck finding a job!! Hopefully we will pass the Nclex RN!!!
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    please healp me.
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    Quote from neha1
    please healp me.
    With what?

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