Failed nclex for the 3rd time.

  1. Hi guys! I'm here in Florida. just wanna ask for advice.. I'ts a requirement to take remedial class if you failed for the 3rd time. Do you have any idea guys if where is the cheapest online remedial class to go to? how much and what institution? Thank you for the advice! =)
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  3. by   mnmcbm
    HI! I am not sure what the cheapest remedial class would be. Or what exactly you mean by remedial class. Do you mean nclex prep course? I went through ATI which was a requirement for my school. I am fairly certain that everyone I graduated with passed nclex on the first try. We did have a 3 day prep class that we went to and then we had use of their web site to do lots of questions. I too would prefer to just do things online but in this case, I do think going to an actual class is important. For one thing, questions and discussions that occur will help you. Also, you will be forced to concentrate on the information rather than possibly be distracted by whatever is going on at home. At least that is the way I am. lol. If you dont mind my asking, how have you prepared in the past for the test and how long ago did you graduate?
  4. by   chelletmarios
    Hi! You can't do it online. You need to go for a class and clinical for about 3months and it cost 2 grand.
  5. by   jayjaybsnrn
    Thanks mnmcbm for sharing but mine is different. i have to take it remedial because i have failed the nclex 3 times. Florida board of nursing gave me this list.
    the cheapest i saw is $600 in Capscare-Ed. but the other institution is not showing their price. i just wanna know if someone took their remedial with lower price because I'll gonna go with the cheapest due to unemployment. i wanna pass this first before finding a job.
  6. by   jayjaybsnrn
    First take: I only read the book Saunder's comprehensive review 5th edition. I thought by just reading that book enough so i failed. I graduated from the Philippines and there is a lot of differences when it comes to delegation. i failed with 125+ questions i got a lot of SATA which i didn't have an experience to answer.

    Second take: I graduated from the Philippines and there is a lot of differences when it comes to delegation. So i bought the PDA by LaCharity because everyone here in are talking about it. I also bought NCLEX-RN Exam Cram book which i found useless because the questions are very easy and last one i bought is the Saunder's QnA book. and i used this for my SATA practice
    " Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version ".

    Third take: I didn't buy anything this time i just read all over my materials because some said if you have too many references it'll just confused your mine up. But then i failed again with 85 questions. i thought i already got it because i got 12 SATA, 8 Picture questions and 1 computation. I studied 100+ questions, 5 hours a day and still it didn't worked out. I'm so devastated when i got my CPR again.

    What I'm planning now is after i take my remedial i'll gonna take the Hurst review in live because a lot of people saying it's better than Kaplan.

    Oh.. and this is helpful too for computations. - Helping Nursing Students Learn Dosage Calculations - Practice Questions
  7. by   jpinay28
    Don't give up kabayan.. I think they don't have online for remedial..
  8. by   RN2BEESOON
    Don't give up. You can do it. Best wishes
  9. by   jayjaybsnrn
    Thanks for the encouragement guys! Really appreciate it!
  10. by   caur
    i am in same boat @jayjaybsnrn ,lost all my 3 attempts with fl board ......honestly do not wanna go back with remedial course...
  11. by   jayjaybsnrn
    don't worry @caur. We can take this thru. Do you know now where to take your remedial? I'm very confused because some of the registered institutions registered in FL BON are giving online remedial and some are live remedial and they are offering theory or clinical remedial or should we take them both? they didn't tell us exactly what to do. I sent then an email regarding my concern but they are not answering back.

    Is it better to register in another state that doesn't require remedial? am i gonna save more money and time with this route or what?

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  12. by   caur
    Yes we will make it,,,little bit depressed but I m too thinking to go for another state but have no idea which state is good ,any suggestion ?
  13. by   jayjaybsnrn
    I can't use my PM yet they requiring something before i can use it. yeah @jpinay.. thats what i thinking too.. you know any board of nursing who doesn't require remedial course for failing the nclex three times? or a link that has a list for board of nursing who doesn;t require remedial?

    thanks kabayan for the help!

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