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Hi everyone, I am down in the dumps. I just failed my 3rd nclex about a month ago. Background: Graduated last May 2011 with 3.6 GPA. Tutored my friends throughout nursing school and they... Read More

  1. by   lizzyxpooh
    So I scheduled myself for Dec 27, 2012. I AM TERRIFIED. THIS IS MY 4TH ATTEMPTED. After I scheduled it, I felt so overwhelmed and scared, like I wanted to cry.

    I just purchased the NCSBN for their 5 week course. They are the ones who write the NCLEX. I dont know what God's plan for me is, I finished nursing school with pretty good grades (GPA 3.68), but grades doesnt matter with nclex. I tutored my colleagues during nursing school and they ALL passed, except for me.

    I am meeting with my professor and she is coaching me. Am slightly hopeful. I just need to focus and not overthink.

    Thank you to those who have comment/listened to my rant. I seriously do feel embarrassed since I am the few who did not pass. I hope that nursing is still the path for me. I mean God has taken me this far right? But the bump in the road is getting bigger and bigger. I miss being in the hospital field.
  2. by   slc05
    i take mine tomm at 1030 and have been doing NCSBN for the past week. Just the questions though since i dont have time for content. its really hard. i scored like 40's some 50's if i was lucky when i first started the questions. but the testing strategies after each question helps u to start analyzing your answers and finding if u need to assess or implement or which answer are similiar type thing. been doing it for a week and now my scores are high 50's-60's. still crap, but much improvement and im actually breaking down my answers. i could not comprehend kaplans decision tree for some reason and have been out of school for a year now. i did do some saunders and exam cram for content and kaplan qbank. i was scoring 50's to 60's on qbank until i started NCSBN which is much harder. i went back to kaplan qbank yesterday and took 4 quizzes and scored in the 70's. when you read the questions, ask if the question identifies exactly whats going on with the patient(diagnosis). if it says like the patient "appears" bla bla or patient is experiencing bla bla, typically your answer will be an assesment answer. so u can knock out implementation. u have to accurately know whats wrong with your patient to be able to implement. if u know whats wrong with your patient, then implement meaning wipe out assessment answers. knowing your steps of the nursing process is sooo crucial to answer questions. all this never clicked with me UNTIL NCSBN and reading my rationales and test taking strategies over and over. priority and delegation, just jump back in your lacharity PDA book. i think u will really like NCSBN..keep us posted and dont delay ur test anymore
  3. by   teacher08
    I just said a prayer for you. Take a deep breath, have faith, and show them what you got!
  4. by   teacher08
    Slc05, I just said a prayer for you too. Get some rest and relax. You'll do well.
  5. by   slc05
    thank u teacher08! i am a nervous wreck esp being out of school for a year and having to "reteach" myself. thanks again!!!
  6. by   lizzyxpooh
    Good luck to you slc05 for the pointers, you will do great!

    I feel like i LEARN MORE studying for the nclex than in nursing school. Thanks for the tip. I am working with NCBSN right now. You mentioned that you retake the practice test over and over again; did you mean the post test for each lesson? or the post test one?

    Thanks! You will rock the monster nclex. Take everything that the testing center give you (ear plugs, erase board). And leave your notes and phone in the car. Bring snacks to leave in your locker incase you need to take a break. A banana will help keep you focus. I've been out of school for 1.5 year (grad May 2011); you're not alone.
  7. by   slc05
    thanks doll!!! i mostly did the the tests at the very bottom. theres like 3 test categories and in each one, theres multiple 20 question tests that gives u the answers,rationales, and answer picking strategies as u go. READ EVERY ONE OF THEM. also, re read the question and ALL answers when seeing why u got it wrong or right so that u dont pick the wrong answer again if its every re worded differently. Its important to understand the "WHY" behind everything. once u do, u will start rationalizing on your own when u come to each answer choice. oh and ps..since u have through all the content on NCSBN also. i just didnt have time. its good, detailed stuff.
  8. by   lizzyxpooh
    No problem! Keep us posted! Sleep tight!

    I saw your posting in re: HURST online/video/audio. I have the review book, but not all the audios (do you have the lady with the southwestern accent? lol). Do you mind sharing? If so, thanks in advance!

    my email is
  9. by   slc05
    im sorry im not sure which post ur talking about??? if it was a long while ago, i forget lol.
  10. by   teacher08
    slc05,I've been out of school for 4 months and a little apprehensive to take the exam. Just my nerves and losing momentum. However, I'm still studying. (big sigh)
  11. by   lizzyxpooh
    Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your posts and words of encouragement!
    I am taking the test in less than 2 wks. Very nervous, i felt relax but cant seem to absorb or recall. I think my anxiety is blocking everything in AND out.

    Any pointers on what to do for the last 1.5 wk is appreciated. I have received lots of advice, but any reinforcement/confirmation would be great.

    I took an EKG renewel class today. I paid for it in 2011, and told the instructor if i can sit and if she teaches it again. I'm more confident in recognizing the strips, and ACLS renewel will be on Wed and Thurs (12/19&20). Should I continue as planned?

    I am going back and forth with NCBSN and HURST. Listening to the audio when i can, and doing NCBSN (but losing focus).

    Thanks in advance!
  12. by   lizzyxpooh
    So just took my NCLEX for the 4th time yesterday. 160something questions, 4.5 hrs. As of today, I keep thinking of the last question before I got cut off, not sure if i got it right or wrong, which might have determined my pass/fail. :/ The first 50s questions, I got a lot of SATA, the rest a lot of peds, management, infection control. Does it mean that I was not doing well in those areas? I did 62 question, took a 20 min break. At 110, took another break. And 150, took a another break... and 162 was when i last looked at what number i am on.

    I didnt do the PUE trick. I did it last time and it was misleading. Got the pop up, then 2 days later the cc came up. So I will wait it out and check the BRN and then do the trick next week. I think my result will be up on New Year's Day. please cross your fingers for me/pray for me.

    My bf told me that maybe God did put me through this trial for a reason. Maybe to help someone along the way or through my experience and let them know that they are not alone. But it was a challenging 1.5 year since I graduated in May 2011. My ducks didnt lined up as I planned, life happened. And not passing 3x was a big hardship for me. I understand that there are worse things in life... way worse then this exam; but this nclex exam meant so much to me (and most of you can relate). I feel that it's my identity, I invested so much time/money/emotional stress for this degree, and without a license, it's useless right? Before I felt that studying the nclex was a short term goal, like finals studying 6-10 hrs/day, living under a rock for 1-2 months. Turns out that its been a long term goal for me. As mentioned before, my ducks did not lined up. Life really did happened.

    However, this time, the preparation FEELS different. This web... thank you all! I felt the overwhelming support and resources everyone has given/advised me. My professor met with me 1x per wk for 2 months to coach me and mentor me. Another RN staff let me sit in her EKG/ACLS class for almost free, just so i can review. And on a religious point of view, the power of the holy spirit and God was there. It may sound weird to those you who are not religious, but for those of you who are.... it felt real.

    On a administrative side, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND NCBSN (see link below). The questions from the nclex are the same format/style. Straight to the point and I stayed focus the whole time! Visual wise, Nclex looks like Kaplan (blue with timer).

    During the first 3 attempts I did it all (Kaplan, Saunders, Feuer, PDA, Cram Exam, NCLEX 3500).
    This time around I did HURST audio in the car, just listening to it once. PDA book... only a few chapters. And 90% of the time its all NCBSN for content review and questions. I did about 1 chapter a day for 4 wks; and the questions at the end of the chapter (20ish). The last 3-4 days I did only questions.

    NCSBN€™s Comprehensive Online NCLEX-RN Review Class . NCSBN Learning Extension

    Thanks for listening to my rant(s). I will update my result, which i should get sometime next week. Okay, so I heard it takes 3 business days from the NCLEX date, for your name to be posted on BRN, right? Does holiday counts (New Years)?

    Happy holidays everyone!!!
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  13. by   teacher08
    I admire your honesty, courage, determination, and dedication toward achieving your goal. I said a prayer and claimed it in Jesus name for YOU. Happy New Year.