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Hi everyone, I am down in the dumps. I just failed my 3rd nclex about a month ago. Background: Graduated last May 2011 with 3.6 GPA. Tutored my friends throughout nursing school and they passed, but I have not. Got into a... Read More

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    Yeah I got the pop up saying that "results on hold, cannot register at this time". When that pop up came up, it doesnt mean that it's a good pop up, it a 50% chance that i could have passed. But basically they wanted to check the cameras or what not, bc i did took 3 breaks, maybe they wanted to check. I checked other reviews and others have said that they took the test too fast or asked for too many white boards.

    But yes, the cc pop up came 3 days later. A very misleading result. *sigh*

    I am slowly getting back into the groove of studying, I had a major death scare when my doctor found a thrombosis in the MRI! A pre-stroke! You guys know how it is since we're in the health field. Got on warfarin for clotting, an angiogram, and everything. Did I mentioned that I am only 26 years old? Anyhoo, I am doing better and recovering, maybe the migraines have been a huge stress factor to my failures? Maybe? Im finding a reason to help myself feel better. lol.

    But taking it easy a day at a time, hoping to get back into groover of things.

    I did spoke to my dean, and she said that she might be able to get me the ATI procture. Dont know how that works, but I've been emailing her since July, and sent her another reminder last week. No reply.

    Any other resources out there, please let me know. ))

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    Hi Vincie,

    I know its hard to believe after hearing from so many people; this will be my fourth attempt and i am not giving up. I am still figuring a way to pass.... what have you dont differently up to here?

    Do no give up. We invested so much in this licensure, and for a career that is so rewarding. I dont get these bumps in the road... it's not easy...

    I am doing questions and getting back into groove of studying. Slowly training my body to get back to a student. Since I was hospitalized in early September (see my other post) I had a little detour.

    How did you study the past 3 times? You can read on my first few posts on how I studied.... I really dont know waht I did wrong.

    We are not alone. Its just we gotta understand what nclex is asking.
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    I think you have studied so much, that you forget the fundamentals and other stuff. I say just keep doing questions from kaplan and do PDA by lacharity. that might make your studying much easier. Good luck to you dear....
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    hi lizziyxpooh
    we are in same boat.i just took nclex rn for third time on last week of september and i failed.i used same material for exam but now i dont know where to start study applying for 4th time.which state r u from?
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    hi @ships. I am in California. How about you? I kept delaying my test, but my goal is to take my 4th time at the end of Nov.
    How have you been studying the past 3 times/attempts? What do you plan on doing differently this time around?
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    hi @lizzyxpooh.i am in i enrolled hurst review course online and this time i want to take time for study so may b i will take next year..i have studing last 3 times saunders book for content,kaplan strategies book ,lacharity book,and done all kaplan qtrainers and kaplan qbank and in that i got 60%in most of in qbank.last time my exam was gud but i dont know why i failed.i am international student so may b something problem with my i dont understand what i have to do for my next many attempt u can take in your state?
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    @ Ships
    For California taking the nclex is unlimited. How about your state? Is there a limit?

    How do you like HURST? I have the audio and hardcopy book, but havent taken the class. I am hesitant because there are so many resources out there and who knows which ones works?

    I am in the same boat as you, i have NO IDEA why I failed. I have done almost everything that other successful nclex takers have advised. I honestly think that those who are international/English their second language have an advantage, because something about their home country strengthen their test taking skills.

    I really think our struggle is nailing the test, and answering what NCLEX wants us to answer. Sigh*

    I am planning on taking NCBSN NCSBN’s Comprehensive Online NCLEX-RN Review Class . NCSBN Learning Extension they are the ones who writes the nclex. So i am hoping that this will be useful.
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    I'm a believer too and have been procrastinating to take the NCLEX until now (4 months after graduating) and terrifying afraid of the nightmare you're now describing, but like what others have said, God does have a plan and if he brings you to it he will bring you through it.
    I was thinking about you on my drive home and heard this and wanted to post it to you, it's Israel's song "it's not over", I heard it first when I was volunteering with World Vision the other night through their artist event:
    Israel & New Breed | "It's Not Over" Performance - YouTube

    I broke down and bought Hurst's Online Review because it seems to have a great review here on and I loved Marlene's way of presenting material on their sample video and you can get 10% off with first registering for aftercollege AfterCollege > Online NCLEX Review Discount

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    Thank you Linda for your encouraging words and for the discount deal

    Here's the update, I just met with my clinical instructor and she's tutoring me on how to think critically for the nclex, pretty much gauging me. So we met twice, and will continue to meet again. She said that I got all the answers right, but my rationale was not on track. So this is motivating and i'm trying to get back on track of studying.

    I took a 2 month break from studying. I was hospitalized for acute transverse sinus thrombosis!!! Scary experience, especially when you're the patient. But Im home now and doing better. I have been stressed throughout this past 1.5 year and it got to me.

    There is a reason for why God is putting me through these trials. I just cant see it at this point. Graduated May, failed NCLEX in July, started new grad job in july, failed nclex october, got terminated bc i didnt pass the nclex, failed nclex in june, got admitted in september.... .what a year!

    What is God trying to teach me? Am I being punish for something? Is it just bad luck?

    Again, I dont wanna sound like a pitty party, I really don't. But these thoughts keep circulating in my head, and I cant figure it out.
    And as always, thanks in advance for any help!
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    So I scheduled myself for Dec 27, 2012. I AM TERRIFIED. THIS IS MY 4TH ATTEMPTED. After I scheduled it, I felt so overwhelmed and scared, like I wanted to cry.

    I just purchased the NCSBN for their 5 week course. They are the ones who write the NCLEX. I dont know what God's plan for me is, I finished nursing school with pretty good grades (GPA 3.68), but grades doesnt matter with nclex. I tutored my colleagues during nursing school and they ALL passed, except for me.

    I am meeting with my professor and she is coaching me. Am slightly hopeful. I just need to focus and not overthink.

    Thank you to those who have comment/listened to my rant. I seriously do feel embarrassed since I am the few who did not pass. I hope that nursing is still the path for me. I mean God has taken me this far right? But the bump in the road is getting bigger and bigger. I miss being in the hospital field.
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