Failed NCLEX 1st time, can I still work as a GN?

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    I am working as a GN right now and had failed the NCLEX the first time. Many of you have emailed me and mentioned that I shouldn't be working as a GN. I live in MICHIGAN and am not sure if this is legal. Can I still work as a NURSE EXTERN/INTERN?


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    Depends on the hospital. Maybe you can check with management to see if they have nurse extern/intern positions. Good luck!
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    At my hospital there are a few people who work as GN's that have failed the test at least once. One person I know who has failed two or three times got bumped down to CNA. Talk to your Director, there is probably a policy in place. Good luck on your second-go-around.
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    According to BON, before taking NCLEX you worked w/your permit. Now that you failed, the permit needs to be sent back to BON if you are taking the test again. You can no longer work as a GN. I know this cuz it happen to me.
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    In most states (and ALL that I have practiced in -8), once you fail Boards, you cannot legally refer to yourself as a GN. As to whether you can work as an intern/extern, etc. is a matter for your facility, but they need to know that you failed Boards and can no longer be considered a GN in most places.

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