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I paid for my quick results today and I failed My Nclex-RN For the ones of you that have passed, could you refer me to what you did to study. I studied hard for this test. I took the LIVE Hurst review, which guantees you pass,... Read More

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    Quote from obloom14
    Is sticking just to Saunders for content and Kaplan for questions enough? I can't afford to pay for courses...
    I didn't want to spend any money on courses so I just studied using Saunders 5th Ed book and CD. That was enough for me. So yes, I guess you could study Saunders for content and Kaplan for questions.

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    Quote from Mayjoyarceo

    Is the free st_claire?

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    Yes it is!
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    Quote from Hipchik_leah
    if you save my life St Clair Im gonna <3 you forever
    <3 <3. In the posts I've read on this site the vast majority say to do lots of questions and rationales. I think it helps you to think critically but also like the test. You know the content, you graduated nursing school, now figure out the test!!
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