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Hello everyone, I took my exam on 9th. I came home and pop up didn't work, I had put a post here and was suggested to wait for official results. I got them today and it said I failed yet again! I... Read More

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    Hello everyone, I took my exam on 9th. I came home n pop up ddnt work, I had put a post here n was suggested to wait for official results. I got them today n it said I failed yet again! I just don't know what to do? Where to study from? My second time I had tried Kaplan, last few times studied on my own, this time had a tutor n bought ncsbn but only did little but out of it. I just don't know where I'm going wrong. I feel so bad for my parents who are soo supportive yet I keep giving them same news. PLEASE HELP ME. I WOULD REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT.
    I live in philadelphia, if someone wants to team up to study.
    I feel soo devastated, I just keep asking myself if I'm really a failure? How can I not do this in 7th time! How dumb could I be??
    I used the NCSBN review website the cheapest review time was for 3 weeks it's about $65 . It had tons of NCLEX question exams . I also used their RX drug card app. I did NCLEX questions everyday. At first I would get only about half right . I had to work on actually reading and literally dissecting the question before choosing an answer.. critical thinking . I knew the material well so I couldn't understand why my answers were wrong on the practice tests but once I took my time pointing out relevant info in the question I started picking the right answers and my scores improved. I passed the first time . Good luck
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    ctbui Will you please email me as well? Thank you!
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    @ babyblush, I feel ur pain! Sure we can study together

    @ kemifair crying isn't going to help us. If tou want we can try to study..

    @njrn2009: sure I will try that, thanks alot for ur help.

    @newgrad503, I had bought the ncsbn 3 week but I hadn't finished it. Ill purchase again to get more practice. Thanks for your feedback
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    I looked through your other postings and saw you failed the exam in 75 questions. You stated that you had purchased ncsbn two weeks prior and you didn't have the time to even go through all the practice exams. And on your other practice exams from different materials, you were scoring 50/60's. That's a HUGE problem that you're not recognizing! You have now taken it seven times and seems like your motivation to seriously study has depleted more and more. Are you working a full time job and have big responsibilities that you aren't practicing the tests to the point you raise your scores from 50's/60's to 70's/80's? You need to read the rationals and understand them. You need to question why you are getting them wrong and focus to correct them.

    Yes, I'm being harsh but you CAN overcome this. You WILL pass the NCLEX, but you need to change the way you study NOW! What are you doing buying ncsbn two weeks prior, especially since this isn't your first rodeo. You should have bought all the books and programs several weeks prior. Write down review points in a notebook or two. Scoring 50's & 60's on practice exams should motivate you to change your study habits. What have you done different from the 1st time you took it to the 7th time?
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    @glad2brn: You are not being harsh at all. I know you're saying all this for my best. The first few times I know I was lacking in content so I had worked on that and this time the tutor had helped me alot in content but I kept underestimating myself and the answers. Even when you would sit with him to do questions my thinking would be no where near what his was. And his thinking would make sense. For example I had a question about aspirin and I kept looking for gi related but then he said why didnt I think about clotting either. And then I got the answer. My content is way more than before but it's about answering the questions.
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    Have you tried Hurst?
  7. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Quote from Danielle318
    Have you tried Hurst?
    How much is the hurst review? Is it worth it? I didn't pass the first time
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    Quote from BORI-BSNRN

    How much is the hurst review? Is it worth it? I didn't pass the first time
    I looked it up. If you take online it's $300 and live review is $350 but you have to check according to yor state when there would be a live. For me they don't have one till may so I would do online for $300 if I do it..
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    Do you know where your weak spots may be, or the question you find difficult to answer?
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    Quote from BORI-BSNRN

    How much is the hurst review? Is it worth it? I didn't pass the first time
    Its 300 for online review. 350 for live review. But you can only benefit with live review if hurst is going to have it near your area unless if you are willing to spend to go where they have the live review. i failed in my first try too. Im gonna do whatever it takes to pass the 2nd. We can do this!!!
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    I honestly believe Saunders and Feuer audio is great. I'm an audio learner so the Feuer online audio review was extremely helpful. I met a "God Sent" educator who told me she teaches Nclex classes here in NY and that Saunders was the best book to use. You guys, DO NOT GIVE UP!!! You will pass.
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    I tried studying saunders. But i just studied half of the book. i cant retain the infos. It was so overwhelming for me. What was your technique in reading those?
  13. by   jole05
    Hi, ProfRN4, I know many nurses who earn their nursing degree in America and fail nclex-LPN/RN, just like our friend that hasn't pass several times. I do not think she has language barrier. What about the people who earn degree in the U.S, does it means they have language barrier? You sound so foolish for speaking to our friend like this. To All the foreign degree holder, stop putting yourself down. You earn your degree just like anyone else. There are hundreds of stories like this, but people don't want to tell it on She has the courage to explained her sad failure story and she is asking for help. By the way, You Are Not a Failure, because You are smart, you have wisdom, you have knowledge and you have the understanding to pass the exam like anyone. We are here to encourage this young woman in anyways. This is one of the reasons why people DO NOT WANT TO ASK because they are ashamed to ask for assistant because of people like you. I will encourage you to read at least two chapter per day from saunders yellow book or from any book that you have, and do many of questions & Why?means (Rationales). Within a month you should have read the whole book. Read first thing in the morning, it may take you about 2 to 3 hours and understand it.
    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!