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Extream Test Anxiety HELP!!!!!

  1. 0 Grad. my LPN program Dec. 12, and am taking my NCLEX in the end of feb. Im confident in my knowledge and skills, although i am still studying hard!! The problem is my anxiety. I can control it sometimes with breathing techniques and meditation ive learned practicing yoga, but there always seems to be a point during the test where i totally lose it!!!!!!!

    Hot flashes, sweaty palms, tachycardia, the whole 9 yeards lol

    This has gotten the best of me before, the good graces of my other perfect grades saved me throughout nursing school!!!!!!

    ANY tips from ANYONE who has experienced this would be AMAZING!
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    when you get to the point you're losing it, just stop and take a deep breath. Do whatever meditative practices you've learned (while sitting in your chair) and wait until you've calmed down. It's better to take too long on the exam (do PN's have 6 hours as well?) than to rush through and answer incorrectly.
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    Maybe try some yoga or meditation. I would have break downs before on normal tests and got better when I focused energy elsewhere in a positive form (if I was on the verge of a panic attack).
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    When I took NCLEX i was very nervous to the point of not concentrating on what I read because i could feel my heart beat so fast. People recommended taking Ativan and so on. Personally I don't like taking meds so I just relaxed, took my time. took a lot of breaks about every hour. Used the writing pad to rewrite the questions to make sure I am understanding correctly. Hope it will help. Good luck!