Easiest way to k ow if you pass or failed for lvn

  1. 0 Hi everyone, i took the test for nclex pn at california june 14 2011 and i was anxious to know if i pass or failed i did try doin the pvt and it gave me pop out saying contact board and i know a lot of people here saying it works for them is tjere any way to find out if you pass or failed in the nclex beside from waiting a month for the result since california is not participating in the quick result? I need help because im so stress thinking although i had a good pop up. Am i able to see my ne in the bon site even i am lvn an not rn? Thanks
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    Well if this helps I took mines in California as well on June 2 and got the good pop up and I also received my results and week and a half later so I don't think u gone have to wait that long...I was stressed out as well but I was happy to know I PASSED!!! and congrats u passed as well cause the trick really works!!!
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    Hi icswifey u gave me hope dat i pass. Did you took rn or lvn??
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    Lvn I'm sure u did cause I received the good pop up and the PASSED letter
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    I wish thats really true and worked for me too so i just have to wait in my mail saying that i passed?? Coz my classmate took it like 3-4 weeks before she received mail that saying she passed.. Am i able to see my name in the bon or just a letter?
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    U will have to wait for the letter and then pay for the license and then they will put it on the website
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    Now i know the answer to my lots of question in my head.. Thank you so much i hope this pvt works too me and i let everyone kmow about it.. Really appreciate it
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    No problem I understand the questions I was the same way!!!
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    Congratulations for passing it icswifey.
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    Good luck with your official results.

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