Dumb question: 900# nclex - how does it work?

  1. 0 I may not be able to access pearson vue to pay for my advance results because of their website being down and stupid so I might call the 900 number. Only problem is that I can't call 900 numbers from my cell phone and I don't have a land line. So i'm going to ask my friend to call.

    Does anybody know how the 900 number works? What information needs to be provided?
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    Are you sure it's a 900 number it was a toll free 866 number when I tested as long as you were calling from/tested in a US center? I can't pull up the candidate information.
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    quick results for some states. You have two options: pearson vue and see if it's up or call the 900 number.
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    it was in the email i received with my att

    "Via the phone ($9.95) - Call the NCLEX Quick Results line at 1-900-776-2539 (1-900-77-NCLEX). Please note that this is a 900 number and NOT an 800 number. This
    service will be available 24 hours a day. The $9.95 fee will appear on your local
    telephone bill under “NCLEX Test”. (Please be aware: When you use the NCLEX
    Quick Results line, you will not be charged if your results are not yet available.
    However, once your results are available, if you call more than once, you will be
    charged for each call.)"
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    Thing change I guess it was easier to post the charge hence the 900#. Fortunately when I tested the website was working at my 48 hour mark (it did go down about 3 hours before. I thought I would lose my mind waiting! I didn't trust the PVT and knew my state takes 4-6 weeks to post licenses post NCLEX)

    What state? Some states post license numbers within 24-48 hours and its free and faster...
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    I'm waiting for my results this morning as well and I feel like my head is spinning. I have a landline and the 900 number doesn't work this is torture!
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    Check your BoN website on the off chance your license is posted already
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    The Bon still says pending, finally got through, I passed
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    Quote from chazime
    The Bon still says pending, finally got through, I passed
    Congratulations. Hurry up and wait is the hardest part!

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