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My NCLEX date is fast approaching, and I have done a respectable number of questions over the last couple of months (I was keeping track but I just stopped out of sheer laziness) -- I would estimate I have done at least 2,500 and... Read More

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    I agree it's more about applying everything you leave learned not so much black and white facts.

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    Is kaplan qbank worth the money?
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    @ Nicunurse, you can find Kaplan Trainers 1-4 and 7 in the web, the last one has 265 questions. Not sure which site, but I found it when I was looking on information about the drug Questran that I had forgotten what it was for, and that is how I found it. I post it the site in another post here but I do not recall which one.

    Kaplan is good in the sense that they teach you how to decipher the questions, by asking does the question need an assesstment, or if the question has an assesstment does it need validation? If not, look at the answers, can you do Maslow, ABC? Is the patient stable vs unstable. Most often than not, the answer is not calling the MD, is there something that as a nurse you can do first? Their content review was great, the pharmacology content was awesome too. If you have a classmate that is doing it, and they do the boards before you, maybe they can give you the rest of it and you can make use of it. It is expensive. If you can remember the little that I have told you so far, buy their book at B & N, I think you will do fine. The most buy book that anyone taking boards is Prioritization and Delegation by LaCharity, my exam and others I know, were full of questions on this - the who do you see first, asked in different forms but the basis of the question was that.

    I think I got off topic at your question, but I hope my reply helped you and others.

    Good luck.

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