does the ncsbn review online course help... - page 2

hi there i failed the nclex pn and am trying to prepare all over again to retake it. i dont have that much money to spend again on these 2-3day courses and i have been browsing really hard for any... Read More

  1. by   Always3acd
    Hi I'm going through the EXACT same thing !!! Did it help? Did you take the nclex and passed ?
  2. by   WorldTravelingYogi
    I am also interested in feedback from people. Did it teach you content? Please review.
  3. by   paulakumar
    did you pass your nclex by using ncsbn? I have failed the test more than one time and everything I am studying is not what is on the test. can you let me know please
  4. by   Awesomocity0
    I feel like I'm the odd man out here. I paid for it and hated it. I found it to be similar to the material in my textbooks, except instead of flipping the page, I clicked 'next.' I got through... like four of the modules before I quit it.

    BUT I found that doing practice questions and reading the rationales to the questions which I got wrong AND right was the way to go for me. So if you're one of those people who can sit and read and study for hours, I'm sure it's great. But if you get antsy and learn from mistakes, I'd def recommend something else.
  5. by   Christinaxxcheer
    I'm currently doing it but it's getting difficult to get through. There is soo much reading to do and in my opinion it's a lot of work. It says 6 hours on certain chapters and it really takes you the full 6 hours. I haven't taken Nclex yet so I can't say whether it's helpful or not. I think it includes great content but it's a lot of reading!
  6. by   vh011692
    I purchased the 3 week course and it was just too much info for me...i couldn't sit there and read all that info. Instead I just focused on the question banks. I use ATI quizzes and NCLEX mastery PN. I take my test tomorrow, so well see how it goes