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I've graduated a year and a half ago and with four tries, haven't had success in passing the dreaded NCLEX. I've tried everything, from Kaplan (twice), Kaplan tutoring, Kaplan NCLEX-RN book, Hurst,... Read More

  1. by   melaniedale28f
    Quote from fluffypancakes
    Nclex is not about smart or dumb. The smartest person can fail. I graduated from nursing school May of 2012. I took and failed the board twice. I passed on my third attempt. How did that happen? What did I do differently? Only by the work of God. Really! It was not by my might, nor by my power, but by his grace. I studied harder the second time around than I did the third. This time around, I did the Hurst review. I only listened to f&e, gi, endocrine and the cardio lectures. I did questions, but not many. I was too overwhelmed. "Only God can do this for me," I said to myself. Not me; not anyone. My prayer everyday was asking God to help me get over this hurdle. I fasted once a week. I wrote down my heart's desire on a sheet of paper and placed it in the bible under Isaiah 55, "...so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it..." I've been doing this forever, and it works for me every time. I will get anything I want once I fast. I pray that God grant you your heart's desire. Be bless!!!
    Truly the work of God's will for you!!! Thanks for sharing, it give me a.lot of smile as.a person.
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    Quote from mind_body_soul
    Do you think it is just a mental block related to test anxiety? Or do you just not grasp the basics of nursing? I have an absolutely brilliant friend and classmate who always speaks up in class, asks great questions, explains concepts to others, etc. and it is evident that she really does understand the material, but she barely passes exams due to her intense test anxiety. She is in therapy to find ways to manage her anxiety.

    Yes yes... anxiety has been 50% of it. I've been trying different ways to relieve my anxiety. I've just been learning to be confident when I study and when I take the exam, and definitely stay POSITIVE. And about not grasping basics of nursing, what do you mean? It would be difficult to have come this far, graduated nursing school without grasping basics of nursing content. So I'm a bit confused about that question.
  3. by   rdy2bRN
    I really appreciate all of your genuine encouragements and suggestions. From still being inside the tunnel, it just seems like the light at the end is still very dim, but I'm so grateful to have this network of nursing colleagues, who with your personal stories/beliefs that you've shared with me, suggestions/questions that I can keep in mind, distant companionship offered; they've all become resources for me to pull from specially when I feel so alone in this journey and it truly gives me a boost to keep going.