Did i pass? I'm freaking out now...

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    Hello all,

    I took my NCLEX Feb. 27 at 2:00 pm. I came a little earlier so they let me in around like 1:40 ish. I went in confident and the computer shut off around i believe 89-95 questions. (I really wasn't looking bc i didn't want to know how may questions I was gonna go up to and get discouraged bc i went passed 75). Anyways i left the center and as soon as I left I did the PVT and got the good pop up. I was excited. (but not too excited bc I wanted my official results). Well anyways I haven't seen my name on the BON. Also, I can't do quick results bc when i long into pearson vue the link for quick results isnt there, but it does say delivery is successful. My question is does the 24-48 hrs of waiting include non business days like Sat and Sunday? Do I have to wait til Monday? I live in MA will they take longer to post my license number? Now i am feeling like i didn't pass and I don't want to think that way. Did this happen to anyone as well and they passed?

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    I took mine Wednesday the 26th at noon, and finished at 1pm. I was able to access the pearson vue website for quick results after 1pm on Friday. So i would give it a couple more hours. I'm not sure if they do it on the weekends.
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    You passed!!Congrats! the trick still works.
    Please check the board website for your name. My name came up fast.
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    Take a big deep breath and relax.....................try and check it today to see if you can do quick results.
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    I took mine Feb 27 at 12:00 and got there early/started early. My quick results were available today around 13:00. Around 12:30 I was starting to freak out a little, but lo and behold there they were just a short while later - so yes, you should get your results very soon! And I got the good pop-up and my unofficial results say I passed =) I think you did too, congratulations!!
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    AHHHHHH I found out I passed!!!! YAY!!!! I'm so happy!!!! Congrats to those that passed. We are RN's NOW WHOOOOOOHOOOO
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    Congrats congrats congrats!!!
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    Congrats!!! I took mine for mass too! The bon still hasn't posted my name and license number but I found out through quick results that I passed too! Yay congrats once again
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    congrats christinaxxcheer!
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    Thank you!!
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