Did i pass or.....

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    after 5, 10 minutes taking the nclex pn i sat in car while waiting for the car to warm up i did the PVT and it said our record indicated blablabla you cannot schedule a test at this time contact blablabla
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    According to this site and my personal experience, that's the good pop up and you passed!!!!!!
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    I was using my cell phone earlier that's why some of the words are missing forgive me. Soooo i keep doing the PVT and it kept giving me the good pop up, i hope its a good thing, I can't be 100% happy until i get the licence i guess
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    Has anyone reported getting the "good" pop-up and not actually passed the NCLEX?
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    Quote from MrsCuoco
    Has anyone reported getting the "good" pop-up and not actually passed the NCLEX?
    Yes, there's been a couple people on this site lately to report the good pop-up, only to be brought to the credit card page a day or two later, eventually to find out that they had failed.
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    I remember I took NCLEX last year and the exam stopped in 76 question. weeks later i saw my account and I saw that I passed the nclex in my first attempt. Even though I studied nursing in Lima-peru (south america) and in Sapnish. but the exam had cases and what to do... basic reasoning. Do not be afraid, keep calm and choose the first option that appears in your mind.
    I am angry because I can not get a job as a RN, and I should pay for renew my licence.....

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