Computer Malfunction During NCLEX!!!!

  1. Freaking out a little bit! I took my nclex exam yesterday and halfway through my exam the mouse malfunctioned and the calculator wouldnt work. I had to stop my test and they proctors had to call people and etc. I ended up having to switch computers and I have an incident number for what was reported. They offered me a retest at a later date but I chose to continue my exam. Has this ever happened to anyone????? So I tried to do the PVT and my results are on hold (go figure) I am soo upset because I really think that I failed. I can recall at least ten Q that I looked up when I got home and I def got them wrong.... Was anyone else positive they failed and ended up passing? I ended around 120 some Q.
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    From what I've read it depends on the level of questions you were getting and whether the test seemed to be getting easier or harder
  4. by   K_girl
    My best friend had 2 computer malfunctions during her exam. Two telephone calls were made as well as incident reports. She took all 265 questions with 50 sata and a high amount of other alternative style questions. With the 2 malfunctions she was there for 6 1/2 hours! Needless to day she was sbsolutely convinced she failed but she passed. Of course it didn't help that she was unable to do quick results 48 hours afterwards. She was definitely a ball of nerves until the 72 hours was over.
  5. by   Love81
    My computer did the same exact thing when I was using the calculator. They called ts it was fixed in 10mins. I had 265 questions. I failed I think it was anxiety!