completing 10 yrs of my BSN graduation.Do I need to take any refresher course

  1. Hi,I'm a foreign graduated nurse, got my degree BSN in 2003,took NCLEX RN 2 times for Michigan.2 weeks before my application was alive,now its showing expired.I even called the Michigan board of Nursing,they told the same.Now I have to start all over again,including my IELTS too.It will take 6months to 1 yr to complete my Credential evalaution n all.I already paid $200 to pearson n registerd for exam ,but unfortunately my application is expired.I will be completing 10 yrs after I need to take any Refresher course or whatever it is for Michigan If i want to reapply .pls help me regarding.totally loosing my brain after hearing abt expiration.can't sleep since 2 days.pls help me.thanx in advance.
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    The Michigan BON is the one who can accurately answer your questions.

    This was taken from the Michigan RN application and it states that you DO have to take a refresher course based on the following criteria:

    [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]9. [FONT=ArialMT]All Applicants must pass the NCLEX-RN within 12 months of his or her first attempt at the test in Michiganor any other state. If the NCLEX-RN is not passed after 3 attempts within this 12-month period, theapplicant must complete an approved RN educational program, refresher course or exam review course.After completing the educational program or course, the applicant may take the examination 3 moretimes. An applicant has a maximum total of 6 attempts to pass the NCLEX-RN.

    Here's the link so you can read the full application for yourself: