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careful what you say about the nclex FYI

  1. 0 Just a reminder to everyone to be careful of what you say about the nclex. You're techinically not suppose to disclose the content of questions. I think saying SATA and infection control is okay but beyond that the line gets blurry and I've seen a few already where it does get blurry. This is a public forum and the rules explicitly state that you will get disqualified and everyone's Kaplan scores could be put on hold if you disclose content from the exam. Just a thought.

    On a more positive note. I finished with 75 questions and got the good pop up. Hoping for the best.
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    kaplan instructors were even telling us that theyre is a lot of priortiy delegation,sata that type of crap.

    i wonder tho. how would they know who the people were IF they were to disclose info on this board..whilst hidden behind a pseudonym?
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    Good question. Yeah, saying prioritization etc is fine. But they are like the FBI, they can track you anywhere, wahaha. J/K, maybe? There's a chance one could provide the exact question and answer and get away with it. But why risk it? With all the people on here, I'm sure at least one works for NCLEX. They would probably make the test 10 x harder for everyone else. Who knows. I just believe in not risking it. Just my two cents.

    I do apprecaite everyone's help on here though. The allnurses guide was great and all the support. I may need some more if I don't pass.
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    how could anyone even remember the questions and answers?? that day was so traumatizing i want to block it from memory perm.

    & honestly speaking...if someone was to do such a thing once u walk in those doors its only about you and that test..forget anyone and everything else LOL
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    They are "big brother" watching us, reading our posts!!!
    We are ok with what we post here.