Can I take the NCLEX-PN in GA with defaulted student loans?

  1. Thanks in advance for your answers I recently graduated an LPN program in Georgia. I have defaulted federal student loans from a previous private school I attended, which I did not get to finish, and did not result in a job. I have not been able to pay them, and my credit has long since been destroyed. I have never had credit as an adult.

    I thought I was finally getting somewhere by graduating from the nursing program, but I need to know how this will affect my chance at taking the NCLEX-PN specifically within Georgia.

    From my understanding right now, I can still take the NCLEX-PN, as long as Pearson-VUE receives their money. I called the GA BON, and they said it would be up to the Dept. of Education to revoke my nursing license, after I receive it. So, if I understand this correctly, I can take the NCLEX-PN, become officially licensed, but then if I don't make arrangements to get my loans out of default, they will possibly yank my license down the road?

    If anyone has any experience with this, or any specific knowledge of Georgia's rules, please let me know! I need to go ahead and take the NCLEX-PN before I forget the material, and the test itself is stressful enough on it's own.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    You may be given permission to take the NCLEX exam, but issuance of license may be delayed/ suspended. You will need to appeal the suspension.

    GA Regs: 295-16-.01 Federal Student Loan Default.
  4. by   jenni131377
    Thank you very much. I have been looking for that page. I guess if there's not a way I can work in GA, and if there was no way to fix the loan situation, I wonder if there's another state where this doesn't apply? I know I can't run forever, but I just need a job.
  5. by   newlvnstudent
    if your loans are federal loans that have defaulted it may be difficult in many if not all states to take and license with the NCLEX-PN because of your poor standing. Is there a way for you to work with company that manages your defauled loans? I fell behind on some loans in the past and contacted the companies, explained my financial situation and worked out an arrangement to get my loans back in good standing in a "financial hardship deferment"...

    Keep your head up and don't give, I'm sure there's a solution!!