Can anyone verify Pearson Vue "trick" April/May 2013? - page 11

Hi everyone--- Took the NCLEX-RN Tuesday morning... I stressed and stressed and then came across the so-called "Pearson Vue 'Trick'" for checking scores early... Can anyone verify that this trick... Read More

  1. by   blue88
    The PVT does work!!! I also took it, thought i completely failed with 75 questions, and 35 select all that apply! Agony for 5 hours while the website was under maintenance. Got the "Good POP UP," still didnt believe I passed.... But 3 days later saw my name on the BRN. IT WORKS!!!!
  2. by   EmmyRN2013
    It works!!!! 100% serious!!!! I took my RN nclex exam December 20 2013 and logged onto Pearson that day and got the "good pop up" found out today I passed!!!!! I recommend it!
  3. by   EmmyRN2013
    It works!!!
    Took my boards for RN on 12/20/2013. Logged onto my Pearson vue account about 2 hours later and got the good pop up! Got my actual quick results today and I passed! What a stress relief.
  4. by   LaurenRay1983
    Congrats!!! I take my nclex Jan 7th. I'm scared. I'm reviewing Kaplan book, Hurst book and nclex app questions. I just hope I pass.
  5. by   boynursebill
    Took mine today. Got the good pop up in the parking lot directly after the test. 75 questions.
  6. by   2013RNgrad
    Worked for me too.
  7. by   megan9107
    Took nclex today. Computer shut off at 75 qs and I am now getting the "good pop up". I hope the trick is still true.
  8. by   thisnurserockz
    Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know that it worked for me as well. I took my test 1/6 and the computer shut down at 75 questions. I left there not knowing either way but praying all the way home. When I got to my computer and checked the "good pop up" came up and then on 1/7 NYSBON officially had me up there as a R.N.! So yes the trick is still working in 2014! Good luck guys.
  9. by   megan9107
    Worked for me! License just posted! Good pop up = RN!
  10. by   LaurenRay1983
    Quote from megan9107
    Worked for me! License just posted! Good pop up = RN!
    your state is much quicker than mine. I still do not see my license nor do my classmates.
  11. by   megan9107
    Quote from LaurenRay1983
    your state is much quicker than mine. I still do not see my license nor do my classmates.
    I'm in Georgia.
  12. by   2002gallo
    I took my NCLEX on Jan 16 2013 and had 265 questions. Worst day of my life ever. Completely walked out of the test thinking I had failed and cried all the way to the car. 30 minutes later I did the Pearson Trick and got the good pop up saying contact my member board. I had to wait till Saturday January 18 at 8am to get my Quick Results and I passed the test. The trick still works. All of my classmates who also did the trick worked for them. Hope this helps. Happy in TX!!
  13. by   RN59217
    I took the NCLEX on Jan 15. Was done in 75 questions. 10 minutes later I checked for the PVT and got the good pop up. Still didn't believe it though. Jan 16: my name came up on my state BON's website with an active license #.

    From all the reading I've done on this on here and other websites: "good pop up" definitely means "pass". CC page does not always mean "fail." It could mean that they are still determining the results. There are several testimonies of people getting to the CC page and then finding out the passed when they get the Quick Results. Don't lose heart!