CA NCLEX - how long is the wait?

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    Hi all. Took the NCLEX last 7/11 and got the good pop out. There is no quick result for CA. For those who took the nclex here in California in the previous weeks, how long did you have to wait before you saw your name listed on the California BRN website?

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    I'm in CA and took it 7/1/13 and still haven't received my results... but, they (BRN) have informed me that (now) my application is incomplete and needs transcripts.

    I would give it a good week and if nothing by then, give them a call. I wouldn't have known about my application being incomplete if I hadn't called...
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    Thanks, fringe. Did they tell you how many days more they need to process the paperwork once they received the transcripts?
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    They said 2-3 weeks after they receive all the documents they need. My school screwed up when they filled out our paperwork (for the LVN-RN/ADN) students, so it looks like we didn't complete the first year of the program... hahaha.
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    I took the NCLEX on the 9th of this month and my name was on the BRN on the 11th. I did not receive my pass letter in the mail or actual license yet.
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    I'm from Cali by the way...
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    I took my test June 25th and my name finally posted online on July 12! I'm also from CA!! My classmates also had te same wait time!
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    So I gather there really is not a set timeframe for the names to appear. It could be 2 days or it could be 2 weeks. Sigh....
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    I took mine June 25th and still nothing on the BRN, from Cali
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    Quote from Alaxamana
    I took mine June 25th and still nothing on the BRN, from Cali
    I would call them and find out. Call the licensing division of BRN and inquire. Maybe your application is incomplete.

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