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Board of Nursing says License is Pending

  1. 0 I had a question...... I just took my NCLEX today and I went to the B.O.N. website and it says under license that it is "pending," so does that mean I passed but they are waiting for my license number???? I did do the pearsonvue trick and didn't get routed to the credit card payment site and from going off of what everyone said I have have gotton the good one. But waiting till I make a decision whether or not I believe that trick works or not. So, I'm still patiently waiting for my results.
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    I found out I passed via BON when my status had changed from pending to an actual RN number. Most of my friends who took the test on a Friday didn't see this change until late Monday or Tuesday, unless they paid for the quick results. But if you got the good pop-up, you can probably relax a little! Good luck!
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    In my state, the license says pending when the BON has received your application and is waiting for it to finish being processed/approved. So it could say pending when the BON is waiting for your NCLEX results or after they have received them and are going to issue you a license number. So no, it doesn't necessarily mean you passed. It means that your application isn't finished yet.

    PVT works. Depending on what state you are in, it can take several weeks to get a license number after taking NCLEX. Congrats.
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    Thank you. I took the exam on a Friday and still haven't see any change and it still says, "Pending." I did do the trick several times even including today and it is still giving me the good pop-up. I wishe they would have been able to tell me something on Friday, so I could relax the weekend. I even called for the quick results and it said you must wait 2 business days before you would know your results, so that didn't help either. I might as well wait till Monday. Hopefully, I will know, but your message did help ease my mind a little because I keep hearing people talking about a pending status also means you failed.
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    I actaully went to the B.O.N. site on Monday to check my license status, which it had went form "Pending" to "Active" with my nursing license number. Just thought I would update everyone on how that went in case anyone ever ends up with a "pending status" like I did. I'm happy now that I am finally a nurse.
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    By the way......I did do the PVT trick and got the good pop-ups that everyone had talked about and found out I passed, so I am a believer with that. Just thought I would let everyone know. I did see on a website someone said that you must try it after 3 hours after completing the exam. I actually kept doing it throughout the day and into the next day and got the good opo-up every time!
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    Thank you Cyndibelle. I am very excited and happy about passing. Now, I'm just in the job hunting process, which is going pretty good so far......I think. LOL.
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    I know this post is old but just found out I passed last Wednesday after paying for my quick results. Can any of you tell me the link to the BON page where they post the license numbers? I have an upcoming interview and still haven't received my license in the mail.