ATI PN Predictor--how does it compare to the NCLEX PN?

  1. Howdy!
    Our school uses the all the ATI tests in our program. We have our regular curriculum but have to take each ATI ( Peds, Med-Surg, Mom/Baby. etc) that pertains to the quarter that we are in and pass with at least a level 2.Before we are able to test we must also do the practice test at home (unlimited attempts) and get at least a 90%.

    We are taking the ATI LPN predictor before moving onto the RN portion and I also plan to take the NCLEX PN. Does anyone know if the ATI is a realistic idea of NCLEX questions?

    Would love to hear if you have done them both. Thanks!
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  3. by   Ella26
    I just took Kaplan for my LPN to RN bridge program and used it to study from for NCLEX-RN. Before using Kaplan I would have agreed that NCLEX-PN was alot like ATI, but now since doing Kaplan, I think it (Kaplan) is the most like NCLEX. But to answer your question... ATI is pretty good, we used it through out our program (for LPN) as well. For the final ATI predictor exam, I dont quite remember my score but it translated into passing NCLEX-PN the first time with 98% chance of passing. And I did. I passed 1st time with minimum (85) questions. So I think it is pretty accurate in its prediction. And so was Kaplan. The predictor said I had a 96% chance of passing NCLEX-RN on 1st try, and I did. I passed last month again with the minimum (75) questions. I hope this helps.