Appropritae NCLEX Review and study Materials

  1. I will taking the Nclex RN next and still deciding on an appropriate review. I've been told by many people that the Martin's review is perfect. Any supporting ideas??? I'm also studying right now and utilizing the Lipincott study materials, which materials would be more helpful? am so confused right now. I need help...
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Up to you to decide what is useful to you. There definitely is plenty out there to choose from. Many people are successful using the Saunders Comprehensive Review, the Linda LaCharity book on prioritization, and the Kaplan review book for test strategy. Try going to a bookstore and looking over some of the resources they have available, to see what looks good to you. As for live reviews, most people do not take them and are successful.
  4. by   Kazza, MSN, RN
    Hi, I hear your frustration, what you need is 3-4 pieces of materials to revise from. Hurst Review, I can not stress that enough, you need to know your basic content, then you can pretty much talk your way through any question. LaCharity for P/D/A, excellent book, Saunders for more in depth reading after using Hurst and you may need to clarify or read more extensively.

    You can not rush the process, you can not read a couple of chapters, then say this is not working, you have to give the resource teachings a chance to work. Follow the guidelines and you will do great.

    Be robust in your revising and I am sure you will be successful. There are a lot of great tips on this site, as far as study tips, you simply have to find one that works best for you.

    All the best, you can do, I intend to next weekend.........we got this!!
  5. by   Success2011
    Thx everyone....I really appreciate your responses
  6. by   CaliforniaRNnow
    All I did was the NEC review course (you know, the company that created all those images to help us remember diseases and conditions).

    And I did 3,000 questions (most coming from Kaplan question trainers that I found online).


    I passed.