Applying for Interim Permit AFTER registering for NCLEX

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    Hello all! Yes, I already tried combing through other posts and the BRN website before asking. I think I may already know the answer, I just need some clarification.

    According the CA BRN, "Applicants who have recently graduated from a registered nursing program, and have not taken the NCLEX-RN are eligible for an interim permit (IP)."

    I have received my ATT but I have to wait till next payday to schedule my exam.

    Soooo... it sounds like I can still apply for my IP, however, I read on others' posts that it takes at least several weeks to get the IP approved so there might not be any point for me to spend the $50 to get it at this point.

    A position was just posted this evening within my hospital system and I would feel better if I had just applied for the IP when I turned in my NCLEX app! I barely had the $150 for that.

    I wish I could try to call the BRN office but of course, they're closed for the weekend as well as the holiday.

    Any thoughts would be most appreciated!

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