Anyone take Score! nclex review? Worried about nclex 2/9! Help!

  1. Hi there. I am new to this, this is my first post. I am really freaking out about the nclex, which I am scheduled to take 2-9 (2 days away!) I just took a 90 question practice test and got a 51%, which I think might be the lowest score I have gotten on a practice test yet...I have been studing every day for a month doing at least 100?/day.
    Has anyone taken the "SCORE!" nclex prep? (its endorsed by the student nurse assoc of PA) That is the book I used today for my test. Does anyone else find this book to be more difficult then the rest? I also am using Hogan for review and do fine, between 68-75% that good enough to pass the ncex? I guess I just want to know if I am ready and am hoping that my Hogan scores are enough and that the score prep tests are as hard as I think. Please let me know what you think!!! I feel like I really can not remember anything and could use some reassurance or if need be a reality check...

    oh, I also got the Kaplan book and got a 70 or 72 on the cd that came with the book...but that was a while back, my grades seem to be deteriorating
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  3. by   caliotter3
    It is more important to be concerned that you are learning the material than the course or review source that you used. If you know the concepts, you will be able to answer a variety of questions about them no matter how the questions are asked on the test. When you feel that you are ready, is when you are ready. Good luck.