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I just took the nclex. I have no idea how I did! It shut off after 75. The Pearson vue site gave me the good pop up but I'm still very doubtful. Anyone else feel the same? These next 48 hours are going to be the worst... Read More

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    Just looked -- my results are in and I have a lic #!! Let me tell ya -- there's nothing cooler than seeing your name with a lic #!! Hope you all get to see yours today too!

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    It's there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Still waiting on mine. 15 minutes past the 48 hours.
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    Check your BON website. That's where I checked-
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    I take my test Monday...I am so nervous. I can't believe all the peeps getting 75 questions, that's so good to hear, and all that passed! Any last minute pointers?
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    Do practice questions- Kaplan if you have them- and remember to pee first. LOL I drank like a pot of coffee and forgot to pee first!
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    I took mine on 6/25 also. Got good pop up all 3 times that I tried (5 min., an hour, and a day) after the test. I found out with quick result by paying that $7.xx that I passed around 8.30 eastern time. Yay! I am now LPN! First time trying and I did well
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    I took it on the 25th. Being in CA, we don't have the option of quick results, but we are blessed with one of the most over-burdened state governments in the Union, so with luck I'll get results before the sun goes black.

    And count me in with those not ready to just blindly accept a positive PVT. Nothing is final until that license is in your hand!
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    It's official. I got my license!

    PVT works!
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    Me too my license was up this morning

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