Are advisors suppose to rip you up if you fail the Nclex? - page 2

Hi this is my first post, r/t the nclex NOT passing and being ripped up by my Advisor who I thought would help me and give me words of encouragement like keep your head up, you'll get it next time or what can I do to help you!... Read More

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    Bad choices of words, I guess. I am not suicidal or have those thoughts, just a figure of speech but thanks soooo much for the outreach and concern. You guys are awesome, love this site. I will hang in there and I will pass! Thanks for the words of encouragement-everyone!!!

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    A person's mother is supposed to be supportive, encouraging, and consoling, but there are mothers in the world who don't fit the bill. The advisor was overreacting to being disappointed about no more 100% pass rate; they had no interest in you or your performance. If the next person had been the one to fail, they would have received this treatment. If you want support, come here to your friends at AN. You can do this.
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    This particular instructor sounds as if she was too harsh ... but ... it is not anyone's job (even your mother) to always say positive things to you. Sometimes, people need a good "kick in the butt." If you screwed up and did not adequately prepare, then you may have needed to hear that. Not all feedback SHOULD be positive. Sometimes, we need negative feedback to help us see our mistakes and take personal responsibility for them.

    I am sorry that this instructor was overly harsh. I'm sure it wasn't necessary as you probably felt bad enough to begin with. But that's behind you now. It's time now to learn from your past mistakes and move forward. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start preparing for the next time you take the exam. If your school offers actual assistance with NCLEX preparation, take advantage of it. Don't let your personal pride get in the way of your use of their resources.

    Good luck to you.
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