A little peace sprinkled over my NCLEX anticipation

  1. 2 Hello fellow nurse family,

    Okay... I just had what I'll call inspiration/clarification that the day I originally chose for Nclex was the right choice. Let me explain that more LOL, the day I chosed really was all that was left of this month so it was like now or never and this is whats available. Let me mind you that I have been studying for a whole month now just waiting to get the okay to take the exam. Anyway today I just had a feeling to check the dates again and see if someone canceled on a earlier date. Well you wouldn't believe it was a whole week earlier than my date. I ended up pausing before clicking I had to talk to god about this like God please let me know if this is for me. So after a mini discussion with god/pep talk for myself; as soon as I went to click the button to confirm a pop up said, "this appointment is no longer available at your test facility". WHAT???? Kept clicking same thing popping up.... I realized okay the original date is and I just have to be content with that (that date is for me)!

    I just wanted to share this because even through the little things god blesses us whether we see it or not. Within that moment I had so much anxiety just looking how close the date was than with the first date. HOPE it makes someone smile
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