6 year post graduate. 1st attempt fail 75q. 2nd try pass 75q - page 6

Its official! I pass! Im a Register Nurse!! Its feels really good. Thank you Heavenly Father, allnurses, all the awesome people I met here. My source: Kaplan Qt and Qbank: way harder then the actual Nclex but was helpful, it... Read More

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    RN2Be77.. The rosary was a 9 days prayer dedicated on passing the exam, a prayer to St. Jude and St. Joseph, and Sto. Nino. It was really good. I wish I had saved it but I deleted and threw all my notes except for this 5 rule notebook that I filled up with imp notes..

    butorphanol.. Thank you. My review was on and off but I started to really focus 6 months before the test. I didn't have confident even to the very last second . Lots of tears and desperation but it all turn out to be ok.

    I'm still Job hunting its been again very frustrating way harder than Nclex review. During my one and only interview so far I was asked how I deal with stress?? I didn't really thought about it it just came out of my mouth I said "I hold on to faith" The nurse manager just smile at me and actually said very good. So I think I really need to just have faith that good things will come.

    Good luck everyone.
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