50% on QTrainer 7

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    Gosh I suck. I've been studying so hard & to only make a 50% killed the little confidence I do have. I wanted to test next but my scores are awful. I just need some advice & encouragement

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    Quote from RN2BEESOON
    I haven't taken 6 or 7 yet and I'm worried already:/

    But don't stop keep pushing we are almost there!!

    Do nclex 3500 it's pretty good too
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    Thanks so much. I'm ready for it to be OVER.

    I'm using NCLEX 4000 for alternate format questions
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    Review ALL the questions in QT7. (and actively review all your practice tests after you finish). i know the 265Q in QT7 is a lot. it took me a day and half to review the whole test! but you HAVE you read the rationales and understand why that is the answer. also look up every drug you see. meds kill me too. when i took my RN Boards this past wednesday, almost every drug question i had i didn't recognize! you never know what they'll ask you. so prepare now and look up your meds. find and try any and everyway to help you memorize. even just knowing the class and body system helps. the more questions you do, the more you'll see new drugs. and eventually you'll see the same ones again and you'll know the right answer instantly. it's gon jump out and slap you in the face!

    just keep doing questions! understand the thinking of WHY that answer is correct. just have a good balance of content and questions and you're set! give yourself time to review weak content areas. i was taught never go over areas you've already mastered. it's just a waste of time. but that's just me. you know how you study. so do you. You're nearly there!
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    Thank you so much. I know it's going to take me a while to go over them too. Did you redo QTrainer 7? I REALLY wanted to test before April but now I'm not so sure
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    I'm preparing to take my test for the second time. I used Kaplan as a study resource and it didn't work for me, but everyone is different. I think focusing on content makes a person better prepared. I'm taking a course called "ready to pass". You can google it. I can't give you too much advice, as I didn't pass my first time. I answered about 2000 Kaplan questions and went over all rationales and didn't succeed doing that. The person above is correct to say questions with content to prepare. I say more content. I got a 55% on q7. Don't be discouraged however, my friend passed using Kaplan... so everyone truly is different.
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    Quote from RN2BEESOON
    Thank you so much. I know it's going to take me a while to go over them too. Did you redo QTrainer 7? I REALLY wanted to test before April but now I'm not so sure
    no I did qt7 once. you CAN do it twice but the first score, according to Kaplan, is a more accurate indication of your nclex readiness. I would just do qbank questions til the cows come home (aka do them everyday til your test day). all of the qbank questions are passing level questions. meaning these questions are at the passing level of the nclex. you want to get as many right as you can. the more you get right? the sharper your critical thinking will get and the higher chance of passing the nclex. it's all u dude (:
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    I replied back to your pm btw (: sorry for being late
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    No it's ok, I appreciate you for even replying

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