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44hrs b4 my exam

  1. 0 44hrs before my nclex.i am very excited at the same time nervous.i took 2 days off and i plan to just read/answer questions and its rationale.
    i graduted 2006,nursing as my 2nd degree,done with all papers 2007,jobless 2007(migrated here in america?2008 i become RN in PHIL,took the local board once and pass it with flying colors esp psych(my favorite).2009 i challenge the CNA exam,pass it and worked full time in the home care division,2010 i took my first nclex-failed it and 2011 got depressed about it but 2012 i realized that nursing is really what i wanted so here i am in my 2nd try.wasnt able to study that much but i believe if not this time i will before the year end.i would like to thank you for all the info's and study guide here,
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    What are the sources did you use to study for the exam?
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    Good luck.....will keep you in my prayers. Stay focus & positive!!!!!!!!!!

    5 More days for me
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    LA Charity,saunders,
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    goodluck too,thanks,what do u do to prepare it/?
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    Yes, same here I am using La charity and saunders as well. Keep on studying. Best of luck to you.
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    How did it go??