3rd time is not a charm!Don't give up if I passed nclex you can too!!!! - page 2

hello nurses and nurses to be: just wanted to share my nclex experience with all of you. i thank god he helped because its been a helluva a ride.i have been out of nursing school since 2008 and i struggled to get through... Read More

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    I am sure that with that much dedication you will be a great nurse!

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    Thank you for sharing your Truly inspring stories, God bless you!!
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    yay congrats!
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    You did it, congratssss!
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    WOW! That is am amazing story! CONGRATULATIONS NURSE !!!!!!
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    Congrats! God is GREAT
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    Thank you for sharing your great experience of courage, perseverance and faith!! This is much needed right now. I graduated in in May and started to study this month for NCLEX-RN. I have been using Kaplan website doing qbank and question trainers and getting low 50% scores. I feel discouraged but after getting encouraging stories from you and a few others here on ALLnurses.com I have been feeling better. The Lord always has a plan and we just need to trust in Him. I know the Lord will make a way during your tribulation. Congratulations!!!!
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