3rd attempt on the NCLEX, second time with 265 questions...failed again

  1. I am seriously struggling here. I have taken the NCLEX for the third time yesterday. The first time didn't pass with 121 questions. Second time felt really good through the whole 265 questions and 6 1/2 hours. But still didn't pass. I have been through Kaplan, Hurst, Lipincott, Saunders. I felt good going in yesterday, but at about questions 150 I knew that I was hitting a wall. Again, 265 questions!!! The "NCLEX Lady" was telling me to go and talk to my minister by the time that I left, and that I may need some extra help from God and this point. I pried the PVT trick and it lets me go all the way through, so i am pretty sure I didn't pass again. I am so upset. I am crushed! I graduated with a 3.8 GPA. I don't know where else to turn. I live in a very small town in very rural MT and have nobody within 100 miles of me that I went to school with or even to my school. So I feel totally on my own, just me and my online help. Is there anyone else out there that I can chat with that has been through similar? I really need to hear from someone who has gone through this.
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  3. by   keyann87
    Don't be discouraged as of yet wait for the official results theres always hope. If you don't mind me asking what were your scores for Kaplan, and hurst and how was your study plan (how long did you study for nclex and did you change up how you study. Reading rationales and knowing the core content is key
  4. by   rosemaryahanor
    Hi, don't give up I am in the same position like u.
    I have started reading all over again. I tell my self everyday I can pass nclex.
  5. by   chellew10
    I felt confident with my Kaplan review...I was scoring 60-76% on all of the Qbank and tests. So I really thought I had it in the bag this time. I really got a lot out of the Hurst review. I loved that they went through the core content and I was able to understand things that I felt were pretty rushed in school. I scored in the high 60's with the Qbank questions. I actually just got off the phone with Hurst and they sent me a remediation packet and a schedule for the next 6 weeks. But I still don't have the official word from the state yet. The last times I took it I knew by 8am that I didn't pass. Now its 1030 and I am just sitting here waiting........
  6. by   ufnurse13
    It is a tough journey and i hate to see anyone discouraged but you will get through it. And that is weird if you were scoring between 60-76% on Qbank. That usually means youre well on your way to pass.
  7. by   applepie2013
    Kaplan is not 100% sure you will pass, I was making mid 60s-70s..still didn't pass ....I am taking Hurst right now and I love it!..Just have faith and keep pushing forward!..
  8. by   macjack4
    Don't get discouraged! I took the LPN Hurst review and I had the Saunders book. I did exactly what I was told from the live review. I did the Q review and scored around an 80% on my last test. I told my test on 2/3 and I got about 93 and failed. I could begin to list a bunch of excuses but I know at the end of the day I wasn't prepared. I was trying to memorize the information instead of actually processing it and critically thinking. I tried to do the Hurst remediation packet and it was very overwhelming. After about the first 100 questions I knew I couldn't memorize and say all the answers exactly like them. I had the Hurst Review book, Saunders, Exam Cram and a bunch of print outs from varies websites. My cousin whose been a nurse for about 3 years, told me to get rid of all my books and focus on the practice questions from the cd. She advised me to do 500-750 questions a day (she passed her test at 75 doing it this way). That was way too much for me. The most I got was almost 500. My average was about 300. If I got a question wrong I would rewrite the whole question and rationale. I cracked down and studied for 2 weeks and a half and then took my exam over on 6/5, I got all 205, but I actually passed! Everyone learns differently but this way worked for me and helped me understand how to answer the questions.
  9. by   nu34
    I know exactly how you feel I just took my 2nd test 265 questions/6 hours. I felt really good and still I didn't get good pop-up. I'm so upset and just waiting for the official results right now and start all over again.
  10. by   RN323
    Just took mine today. 2nd time, 265 questions again. Got the bad pop up. I'm close to giving up. I also graduated with a 3 6
  11. by   chellew10
    Thank you for letting me know that I am not the only one out there that is going through this! It is the most stressful thing I have been through in my life. I am trying to motivate myself to study, but I am just not there yet. Has anyone use the virtual ATI in studying? Since it seems that I have tried everything else I am looking for a new approach. The remediation package from Hurst seems so overwhelming. Any other suggestions?