2nd Attempt at NCLEX-RN today, PVT good pop up

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share my NCLEX experience. This is a bit lengthy but bear with me, it's been a LONG journey. I took the NCLEX RN for the second time today. Unlike my first time I felt wayy more confident walking in. I knew my content and made use of the white board when selecting my answers, especially SATAs (numbered 1 through 5 and put a check by correct number and X by incorrect). I had about 15 SATA, 2-3 pictures, 3 drop box, 3 maths and 5 or 6 meds (thankfully i was familiar with 4 or 5 of them) No audio or EKGs (thank God) and the rest were priorities and conference questions. First question and second were SATA and I ended the test with a SATA at 76. Did the PVT right after once i got in the car and again about an hour later and got the good pop up on both occasions ^__^. Still waiting on official results but surprisingly I'm pretty calm right now. I have to say I felt very good walking out of the testing center, not like the first time when I failed with 75 questions and walked out feeling pathetic knowing I failed.

    Study materials that I used:

    1) Saunders 5th edition- I read the book (focused the contents that I was weak at) and did most of the questions at the end of the chapters including the comprehensive test at the back of the book. On the CD I took the assessment test and at first used it as a study guide for my weak areas (read the rationale right after I answered the question). I took the exams (100qs) about 3 to 4 sets a day the week before my test. Overall I would say that I did about 2500 plus questions from Saunders, more or less.

    2) Kaplan - Classroom review. I tested 3 weeks after the end of the review class. Took the diagnostic, readiness, all Q trainers and 100% of all Qbanks questions. Took all four sample tests and the alternate style quiz. Read and reviewed ALL rationales, right or wrong. Memorized the decision tree ( although I barely used it during the actual exam). Kaplan qbank questions were definitely similar to NCLEX and I would highly recommend it. Here are my results:

    Diagnostic- 64
    QT1- 59
    QT2- 65
    QT3- 58
    QT4- 55
    QT5- 75
    QT6- 65
    QT7- 61
    QBanks- 100% avg 61

    3) PDA by LaCharity- we used it in class during my last semester of Nursing School so I reviewed some of the questions. If you have trouble with prioritization, I would definitely recommend it.

    4) YouTube- I don't know about you guys but I find Youtube to be a very great resource lol. I watched some of the Remar Review videos posted there, looked up developmental milestones, EKGs, etc...

    5) Allnurses - I regularly visited the site for inspiration and read a lot of stories (pass and fail) posted up. Some scared me, some motivated me but I just had to keep telling myself that I could do it. Having the right mentality mattered. Also downloaded the PDF that goes around and reviewed it.


    1. Have a study calendar and stick to it.

    2. If you come across something you don't understand or are not familiar with , stop and look it it up. Content is important

    3. When answering questions, make sure you read it carefully and know what it is asking. I often misread questions and ended up picking the wrong answer. This time during NCLEX, I would say I re-read the question 2-3 times to make sure I understood them.

    4. Answer as many questions as you can!!! Get used to NCLEX style questions that make you critically think

    5. Remember, you ASSESS before you implement, unless it is absolutely necessary to take action

    6. Know your lab values. Learn them, love them, remember them

    7. Don't jump into conclusion. Remember there is only one correct answer. Most questions you can already eliminate two of the options. For the other two, remember Maslow. Think which one is the safest? Which one makes sense? Which is a more global answer?

    8. Priority - expected vs. unexpected findings, stable vs. unstable patients , acute vs. chronic conditions, etc...

    9. For meds, it's important to know the nursing considerations such as when to take, what to avoid while taking and adverse reactions

    10. YOU KNOW MORE THAN YOU THINK! You got through nursing school and you will get through NCLEX

    Well, that's all I have. Even tough I'm not sure if I passed yet, I hope I was able to help someone did the PVT one more time and still getting the good pop up **fingers tightly crossed** Will let you all know once I get the official results! Good luck to everyone getting ready to take!

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    Thank you!
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    Thanks. You're tips are very helpful. I will be retesting in a few weeks. Congratulations!!
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    Thanks! Good luck!
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    Just did quick results, and I passed!!!! I'm an RN!!! omg it's unbelievable...I cried when I saw that sweet four letter word!! Praise God...now I can sleep peacefully and eat more than just a piece of bagel =)
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    I've read about your story and you have been really inspiring! CONGRATS RN!
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    Quote from Dreazy86
    I've read about your story and you have been really inspiring! CONGRATS RN!
    thank you so much!! a lot of stories here have been inspiring to me, so just returning the favor!!
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