2011 California RN Updates: Timelines & $$ What is Next

  1. Hi folks,

    I graduated from nursing school 35 years ago and have been out of practice for 20 years....yesterday I took NCLEX-RN to have my license re-instated. If the PVT is correct, I passed!! I read a post from a year ago that talked about timeframes until your license is posted on Board website, til results are mailed, and licensing.
    I'm a little hazy about what is next and if any addition $$ is required for the actual license (read someone say they sent money to get their license after they received their results).

    I would appreciate recent California experiences, from past few months, on timeframes from NCLEX date:
    1) being able to find yourself as a licensed on the Board website
    2) receiving your results by mail
    3) anything else that needs to happen after you get your results--such as submitting additional forms/fees

    I have appreciated the nitty-gritty I have learned from this site! Thanks everyone! Also, happy to share experiences with anyone who is reaching WAAAYYYYY back into their background regarding preparing to take the NCLEX after license has lapsed more than 8 years.
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  3. by   begosh
    Wow! Congratulations!!!!

    I graduated wayyyy back when (+15 years) and took NCLEX RN early '90s, did not pass. Now, I am in a position to switch careers and have decided to re-take NCLEX (in fact, I'm scheduled this coming Saturday). Never worked in the medical/nursing field.

    After completing MBA in Electronic Business 4 years ago, I recently decided it was time for a career change (scary as it may seem), got paperwork rolling with CA BRN. My nerves are starting to act up, however, I'm going in with the mentality---passing would be fantastic and failing means...to study much harder and re-take the exam.

    I've taken Kaplan & Hurst live reviews and using their review materials in conjunction with La Charity, Exam Cram. Would love to hear you feedback. Again, congratulations! Your story inspires me.
  4. by   PhDRN
    Thanks so much.....and Good Luck to you, too! The questions on the test were harder (more complex) and seemingly more random than any I have encountered in my review. So just be prepared that it will feel very difficult. The computer switched off at 75 questions and I really didn't know when I left if I'd passed or not. I just kept trying to remember that the strategy of the Computerized Adaptive Testing is to test you at the very upper level, the cutting edge, of your ability (the place where you are right only 50% of the time).

    After doing a number of independent reviews through Sylvia Rayfield and Associates as well as through the NCSBN program, as well as a couple of other review books, I felt that I needed to 'review for the the review'. I signed up with ATI Testing and took their Virtual Review program that included having a personal coach. I did a deep dive intensive review of Med-Surg to re-learn the anatomy and physiology of each system--without that foundation my test review was like trying to remember a zillion unrelated small details. I think it was the right program for me because without the extensive review resources and the feedback that came from the ATI practice tests, I would have continued studying longer than I needed to from the feeling that I 'don't know enough yet'. At the completion of all review modules, ATI has a 'predictor test' that lets you know know your probability of passing if you take the test in the next 2 to 3 weeks. WIth that as evidence, and with the 'green light' from my coach, I registered and took the test.

    Now...the next big hurdle.....finding a pathway back into employment in clinical practice!
    Good luck to you....please come back and let me know how you did!
  5. by   caliotter3
    Fairly recently some people have received their results within two days, while others still take several weeks. Some time in the past, it was taking weeks to months. Hard to predict with CA because it has been said that they do not necessarily work on cases on a first in, first out basis. on doing so well after all that time!