2 days before NCLEX any tips? - page 2

I took 2 days off to relax, but i cant seem to free my mind of the test, I am taking NCLEX-RN in less than 2 days, and i feel really nervous. I used bunch of materials for review but i used Saunders constantly, I've been... Read More

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    Thats the "good" pop-up!!!!

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    OH MY GOD, i dont want to celebrate yet. i still feel anxious, but the "good pop up" helps. thank you so much.
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    does it matter which state you applied in? i applied in California and quick results are not available...i am so anxious still. but i am hoping this PVT really works.
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    PVT works and i passed!!!
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    You passed! Congratulations!
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    Congrats RN!!:spin:

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