*NCLEX PN in exactly one week! eek! =( *

  1. I know this thread is no different than any oth:zzzzzer * I'm taking the NCLEX and scared out of my mind thread. However I had browsed around the site and had not seen the answers to my questions so I figured maybe if I post there are others who had the same questions as me =)
    When I look at my Kaplan Cumulative average it is a 50%-However I have had test scores range from 38% all the way up to 85%. I have taken all of the Qbank questions and I have taken the sample tests multiple times. I had to purchase Kaplan through my school- and it did not give us the trainers, but we did get a PN readiness test ( which we had to take during finals week right before graduation- GRR. and I got a 78% on it..but that was almost 2 months ago! and there is no way to retest the PN Readiness since it was proctored and already taken.

    My main question is : in regards to Kaplan- what should I be looking at % wise ? Is it % in cumulative or per sample test or on just the QBANK ? I know they say to obtain a 65 or higher on all tests...and also has anyone that has taken the NCLEX and used Kaplan thought it was similar? i hope so- I have used other resources for taking test questions but I was told Kaplan was the best.
    Also while in school I did fairly well..mainly B+'s and an A. I don't know if that is any pertinance to NCLEX.
    Also has anyone ever used Lippincotts PN review? I have it and I think it is pretty good- its sort of like a refresher- theres maybe 12 different tests on the different systems.
    any advice for NCLEX anxiety would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks for listening to me rambiling after work! I feel like this but I know when I pass that the NCLEX and I are going to be like this
    sorry this is long!
    p.s. I may have an addiction to Penn State and
    smileys. I apologize in advance =)<--- Go PSU! (
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  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Good luck on your exam. For the PN I studied for 2 weeks using mosbys and saunders. I passed.You will do fine.