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I just found the news I passed last night- which was really exciting =) But I just wanted to give some tips on the all nurses community that really helped me to prepare for the test! Here's a... Read More

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    *You are all welcome!* I had an extremly hard time in nursing school ( whoever claims nursing school wasn't that hard must be at the easiest school in the world. ) I did fail out of Medsurge and I only barely passed my first semester by .5 ( although I was the idiot who decided to work a full time job, a part time job and take 5 classes. Oh and my fulltime job was working the graveyard shift at the nursing home- I can't tell you how many days I slept in my car or at my employers because of school. Crazy. Anyways, Today I got my official licenses in the mail and they are already framed and ready to go haha, I feel like its Legit now since it is in my hands =) I really wish I would have found this website sooner, and I am just overly amazed at how many little tips I found on this site. I honestly think that due to the fact I did 3-5,000 questions helped alot as well! Thank you everyone one for the congradulations! Now I just need to find a job ( I have one right now but I don't think working in Michael's Craft Store is using my Nursing education haha. Thank goodness I had the job through nursing school =)

    *Wish everyone the Best! Please do not hesitate to contact me ever if you have any questions! =)
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    Oh and I forgot to mention- I did alot of practice questionsI think the earlier you start preparing for NCLEX the better, and dont hesitate to take your NCLEX shortly after graduation, I read somewhere that for every 30 days you let pass by, it increases your chances of not passing by 10%. I even had a book on little practice questions and made some of my own. Now I need to figure out what to do with all these textbooks- I must have about 30 I am getting rid of.

    K.Izawesome, LPN <-- I just like writing that now that I don't have to write SPN anymore =)
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    @ hotnurse 408

    I did a little bit of the decision tree. In school I had always done my own decision tree(without realizing it.) I mainly used for the NCLEX
    1) I id the topic ( I tried to do it in 3-5 words, really pull out what they are REALLY asking)
    2) I then decided what the key words were ( action, best action, first patient, process etc.)
    3) I then used either the ABC's or Maslow's if ABC did not apply.
    4) If I still couldn't find an answer I either looked for an answer that didn't belong or make sense ( depending on the type of question) and then I went through the answers and decided how they really relate to my topic.
    5) finally once I was reading through my answers I elimintated the ones I immediatly knew were not true which usually left me with one or two answers. Most of the time if I thought through the answers I could eliminate them without trying to think to much into it.
    These are the steps I used in nursing school and then I used them on my NCLEX it is sort of like decisiong tree I suppose =)
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    @mommyof2tees Thank You! It is so exciting!
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    I'm glad my story could help someone! I read a story on here ( I wish I could remember her post- it was really amazing)
    I was shocked when i passed ( mainly because I focused on the fact that my overall Kaplan score was only a 51%. I didn't do well at school until last year...but school was ridiculously hard for me, and I was always the type of student who never had to study much- not so with nursing school. Keep on doing the kaplan and trainers and you will not be dissappointed! You are almost at the end of the tunnel! =) I think I averaged about 5-6,00 when all done, but I am not really sure. it sounds like you have a fantastic schedule set up =) Let me know how it goes! I am sure youwill do awesome!
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    @final11ykim what was your score for your kaplan readiness test?
  7. by   Fina11yKym
    @hotnurse408: My readiness Score was 78% =) Sorry it took so long to get back! Between work, looking for a nursing job and taking classes I don't get on here much anymore =(
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