Public Disclosure

  1. I am a victim of Public Disclosure. I did nothing wrong. I got ill at work and lost my License because of known that you too can become a member of Public Disclosure...People then can google your name and read a snapshot of your life and one moment in your career. Who thought this was a good idea?
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  3. by   bds165
    I'm confused and curious about your situation although it sounds devastating. I guess I don't really know much about public disclosure in the health care setting (other than notifiable diseases and such). I'm in nursing school now and haven't heard about this.

    It's totally none of my business but would you care to elaborate? No matter, it sounds like you're going through a tough ordeal and I wish you the best of luck.
  4. by   mt4now
    I do not mind explaining...Public Disclosure is someones grand idea that we need to know details of certain individuals...I lost my License...I became ill at work...I did everything I could imagine to get help that day but I guess I did not matter to the very people responsible for providing safe care as I was. I was the only one held accountable. I was having acute delirium. It does not matter what caused was happening. Was I safe NO! id I do anything wrong NO! I just happen to be at work when it happened and they say it was noticed the 2 days before...They allowed me to fininsh a 12 hr shift. I called the Police 2 x's...I called the House Suppervisor...I called the adm on call 2 x's also... My mind was asking for help. I thought I was going to be held at gunpoint..this has happened to me twice in my life already... fear set in and delerium evolved...I was working one/ on one with an ER MD...I was not working in Wallmart.! Now 5 years later I can now be can follow the liks to the Various nursing boards and in Montana the details of my illness is for all to read even my Doctor names and home address...
  5. by   mt4now
    Md's Emt's have an avenue not to have thier "problems" displyed...If someone still drugs and diverts....there r programs...nothing for any Nurses though that have "mental " health problems... I do not suffer from Mental health issues...but I sure "played" one that day! LOL....It turned out it was a drug reaction to nortriptyline...look it up...classic reaction to certain indidviduals...anticholinergic reaction the doctore said....
  6. by   LovebugLPN
    Okay, call me stupid, but why did you lose your license for this and for how long?
  7. by   mt4now
    You are not "stupid" you are just ignorant of this...I was ill and not safe to practice...I was hospitalized for 4 days...when I got out I took some time and then called the hospital a few days later...I had talked with them about a FMLA leave....I had a ill brother in CA..I had gotten notice he had less than 5 yrs to live and I wanted to go see him. When I called the Hospital that next week they informes me I had been terminated...the day they put me in an ambulance...I told them I was going to file a grievance as it was a Union Hospital and the DON called me and threatened me... I f I resighned nothing would happen but If I filed the grievance they would file an action against my thought about it a few days and resighned as I did not need one more thing at that time...I really did not comprehend the issues at hand because I was still ill..Low and behold I got a "notice "from the BON and told there was going to be a hearing in December... told them I would be in California attending to a family matter..asked if they could do a phone conference...waited that day but no one called I assumed they droppped it....Found out in June the next years they have found goood cause and revoked...I was ill for 5 months after the initial event... never knowing what this all meant! Took me over 3 years with 3 different States to get everyting set right...
  8. by   LovebugLPN
    Did you hire an attorney? Did you get you license back?
  9. by   mt4now
    I did...his not argue the facts... at the time my husband was the first to "notice" a change in me when I had a dose adjustment a week before this happened...I was diagnosed in the Hospital as "acute depression" with mental decompensation...I only found out about a possible anticholinergic reaction 2 years later when I met with a Forensic MD in Seattle...each board does it's own thing...I had 3 4...all in good standing...had to do 12 month stipulation for MT...worked...counseling and quarter reports from my manager...I self reported to the other 2 states..because I was "threatened" at the beginning i really feared to do anything against the hosptital untill all Licenses were in good standing...I have been an RN for 24 yrs! first and very important life lesson
  10. by   LovebugLPN
    Wow! They treated you like a drug addict or alcoholic. I am glad it all worked out in the end. That is really scary though.
  11. by   mt4now
    ACTUALLY! had I stole drugs and diverted I could have entered into a program and would not be publicly disclosed! again I did nothing wrong...I just had a drug reaction at work...we see them everyday! delirium with high doses of steroids...acyclovir...phenergen...
  12. by   mt4now
    Forgot! I was hospitalized at the Hospital another facility where I also worked..........