can RN's afford to buy a home with a few acres in west Montana?

  1. Looking to possibly relocate to NW Wyoming of West Montana. Will be finishing RN program in a couple more semesters. This is a second career for me. Anyway, looks like slim pickings in Montana for RN jobs is this correct? What is my best shot for a job in SW Montana? And per my question in the title of my post, here in PA where I am from, one doesn't have to be a millionare to buy a home with a few acres of land, can a nurse do the same in west Montana, north or south? Or is it a pipe dream in Montana? IF so what towns or areas are best? Also, if finding an new grad RN job will be impossible, and or salary won't cut it for a home and a few acres, how is it for nurse practitioners out there, do they get paid enough? Thanks, I am 39 years old and as mentioned this is a second career for me, and other than my interest in science and healthcare, I was hoping this new career path would give me the opportunity to relocate to a new state, Montana being one of the top on my list, so any honest help would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   Jumaknapp
    Pay is less in Montana (I started as a new grad at $23/hr +night shift differential). But cost of living is cheaper too. I live just outside of Great Falls and there are plenty of affordable houses with land. Usually the houses aren't that great though. I opted for a decent 1.25 acre property with a 2600 sq. ft house for $200,000. There were plenty of smaller houses though with a little more land for cheaper.

    My husband and I have been looking at moving further west or at least closer to the mountains, and there are plenty of houses over there with just a few acres that are affordable. You usually have to go outside city limits to find something affordable though. Keep in mind, however, that most cities in MT you can drive across in 20 minutes tops, so outside city limits doesn't mean a long commute.
  4. by   mnmnelson44
    In Bozeman houses and land are very expensive compared to the money to be made. I lived in Belgrade outside of Bozeman and my house on 1/3 acre was $210,000 and pay was $20/hr, so no you would probably not be able to buy home with acreage in Bozeman. Great Falls, Helena, Butte and Billings are cheaper but pay is low for RNs.