which on line RN-BSN would be best which on line RN-BSN would be best | allnurses

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which on line RN-BSN would be best

  1. 0 I am a RN that has attended a couple of different online programs, only to have to drop out for one reason or another. I am wanting to achieve a Master degree ultimately, but need a BSN first, I am told. I am looking for some advice on which program would be best.
    I do not have any money to go to school on, where I work does not offer tutition, so I need a way to do it with out going really far in debt. Job pool is low in the part of MO that I live in. I need really help and real advice. I know that I can turn to MO nurses and get it.

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    Technically there are some rn-msn programs where you can go straight from an associates to a masters, but they will take you about the same amount of time as a RN-BSN and BSN-MSN in most cases and though I haven't researched too many of them they tend to be a bit on the expensive side. I live in the Kansas city area and am soon to finish my RN bridge program. Most of the ones in this area are either too expensive, Mid-America nazarene, St. lukes (just started one), etc. or they aren't totally online. So I have branched out my search.
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    Do you have a B.S. in something else? If so, SLU has a RN-MSN program that you should probably look into.