Truman Medical Center Nursing Residency Program

  1. Hey there, couple of questions to anyone familiar with Truman Medical Center in KC, MO residency program.

    1) How often does the residency start? (i.e. once a season, once a year, twice a year)
    2) has anyone gone and do (did) you have a good experience?
    3) How competitive is it to get in?

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  3. by   wetzoo
    Bumping this post.

    Anyone have any new information of this residency program? Anyone else apply for this year's winter cohort?
  4. by   bryanb
    I am going to an interview in a couple of hours for the group starting in Jan. 2012. I'm a little nervous. I had a phone interview a week ago and it went well, but I guess this round is panel interviews where the managers of each department you applied to all interview you together. I let you know how it goes.

    As for the original post. They hire twice a year and from what I hear it is rather competitive.
  5. by   wetzoo
    Congrats to you. Hopefully it went well.

    I had a phone interview before the residency deadline (which was surprising) but I haven't heard anything as of yet. I was told that onsite interviews were to begin "the last 2 weeks of October" so I'm not feeling great about my position right now. I applied to all of the openings except for ER, so maybe I lost points for not picking a speciality lol.
  6. by   bryanb
    I had 2 interviews with TMC. One in the SICU and one in the ER, I think both went well. I'm a veteran (former medic) and both of the managers that interviewed me were prior service themselves, so that was great. I hope I hear something, I don't know where else to look. I have applied to every GN position in the KC area and this has been the only positive response I have had.

    The ER manager said he was doing 21 interviews for 1 position and who knows how many people applied.(I know like half of my class did)

    Wetzoo -- have you heard back from any other hospitals? Any ideas on other good places to look? I've even been looking into other Compact states and it seems like Missouri is in a better situation than most of the others.
  7. by   wetzoo
    Have you tried University Hospital in Columbia, MO? I graduated there, and decided to move back to KC based on personal preference, but everyone in my class who stayed in Columbia found employment there. They seem to be very generous with hiring new grads.

    I've heard the same thing about SSM in St. Louis.

    If you're pretty open about what you want to do in healthcare, and you have your BSN, you could try Cerner in KC. I interviewed there a couple days ago about a delivery consultant position. The interviewers really drove home the fact that they were really looking for clinicians (recently graduated or not). Experience wasn't an issue. Honestly, it was nice to hear that, considering everyone else wants experienced nurses only, it seems.

    But having read your post, it seems like you're in a really great position. Good luck to you and hope that this helps.
  8. by   bryanb
    Thanks! I'll look into SSM in St. Louis and Cerner. Good luck!! I hope you hear back from cerner.
  9. by   jamisspears
    Quote from bryanb
    Thanks! I'll look into SSM in St. Louis and Cerner. Good luck!! I hope you hear back from cerner.
    Hi, I saw from your post that you interviewed for the Truman Residency. How did it turn out for you? I found out the week that I was accepted into the January 2012 cohort. I will be working in Med-Surg at Truman Lakewood. I'm really excited.
  10. by   Whitley86

    Congrats on getting into the program! I will be graduating in May and plan on applying for their June residency. What was the interview process like? Did you apply to Hospital Hill and Lakewood location? Or are they grouped together on the application. Did you have to sign a contract?

    Sorry-a lot of Q's. I'm just nervous I won't get a nurse grad position especially since I will only have my Associates and don't have tech experience.