Starting STLCC's nursing program! Any advice???

  1. Hi! So, after a long wait list, i finally got into STLCC's nursing program! Meramec and Forest Park at the same time! I will be starting in Jan and i'm VERY nervous. I've never been a straight A student and i'm worried i won't make it. I've heard that A LOT of the students don't make it through the program. I'm lucky in the sense that i have financial support from my parents so 100% of my time and attention will go towards the nursing program. Which program is better? Any advice from nursing students currently in the program? Thank you!
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  3. by   genafur8
    Hi and Congrats!
    I currently attend Forest Park and will be graduating in Dec. I've never attended Meramec so I can't say which one is better but Forest Park is awesome. To me, nursing school wasn't necessarily hard, it was different. Its more than just memory, its how to apply the information to different situations. On a test you will have two right answers and two wrong answers, but what is the BEST answer. If you are having a hard time, dont be afraid to meet with the faculty, they are there to help you! They will find out what your weaknesses are. Also meet with the retention coach if need be.
    Be prepared for clinical work! It is very time consuming! Be prepared not to have a life. My life consists of school, work, clinical, and home and not necessarily in that order. Hope this helps. You'll do fine!
  4. by   skilletRN
    I went to Meramec, which is what my vote is for. It was completely whack... Quite frankly the hardest thing I have ever had to do... but it was also by far the best thing I've ever done. Also, we're the first class in a really long time, Meramec STLCC that got 100% passing rate on NCLEX. WOOOHOO! Now sure what FP rates were? This was in 2010. Location wise, I lived in the CWE and I loved that area but I did make the drive to Meramec based on the reviews I found at the time. & I totally had a life. in 1st semester. After life! hahaha
    thank you guys for your help! i was thinking about quitting my job, did both of you hold jobs while in the nursing program? Im very lucky in the fact that i don't have children and i have financial support so i don't have to work while in the program. Did you take any other classes along with nursing? i still have A&P2 and Micro and i was debating doing both over the summer or one first semester. thanks again!
  6. by   navalese
    Which one did you choose? I just got my letter to Forest Park last week and am attending the orientation tomorrow. As I was getting myself amped up, since it's been FOREVER ago since I put myself on the list, yesterday, I got a letter from Meremac saying there's a spot for me in their program. Now I'm faced with the same decision as you! :-D You're thread has been helpful, and I think i'll attend the session at Forest Park and go see how I feel about it.
    Good! Im going to attend Forest Park because it is closer, i live in Illinois. I am going to try and take A&P2 first semester as well. I will be at the orientation tomm too!
  8. by   STL2008, RN
    I too got called for meramec and forest park programs at the same time. I chose meramec. And let me tell you it was the hardest thing that I've ever done. But if you study a lot and ur really devoted to it you will pass. I've heard a lot people say forest park was easier. They get a lot of transfers in the 3rd and 4th semesters. Coming from flo valley and meramec. Skillet rn I think u were in my class. Did u graduate in Dec 2010?
    I'm definitely getting scared! All people keep telling me is that its so hard and Im planning on taking A&P2 along with first semester nursing classes. Did you take any other classes other than nursing while you were in the program?
  10. by   STL2008, RN
    Yes I took a sociology class my third semester. Would I recommend it now. It's hard to juggle both. Especially A&p. At least it was for me
    Yea I am definitely nervous about it but the only a semester Im taking any other classes is first semester. (which I hear is the easiest semester) I have microbio left after that and I'm taking it in the summer. I definitely plan on quitting my job. Did you work while you were in the program? Thank you so much for your help!
  12. by   STL2008, RN
    yes I did. I worked at imos down the street at forest park cc. Then I got a job at st. marys my last semester of school. i only worked about 12-15 hours a week. I dont kno how people can work full time.
  13. by   STLCCSTUDENT quitting my job in December. A&P2 plus the nursing program is all my time.
  14. by   ashley 2012
    Congrats and best of luck to both of you! I have to ask how long where you on the list? I applied to Meramec this July. Heard two years is about how long I should expect. When did you apply?