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  1. Did anyone apply to Penn Valley's Spring 2012 ADN program? They said you should get a letter back a month after the application deadline explaining points and if you were selected to take the TEAS. Has anyone received their letter yet?
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  3. by   stc254
    I applied to Penn Valley’s evening weekend program for spring 2012 and have not heard anything yet either. I got a postcard a few weeks ago that said we should hear something approximately 6 weeks from the end of the application period. It kind of worried me when I got it – I’m afraid that means they had a lot of applicants. I think you posted this a week ago have you heard now?
  4. by   dazeyc
    I received that postcard as well. I received another one this week that says due to the unexpected large number of applicants, review time is taking longer than anticipated... Hopefully we hear something soon.
  5. by   dazeyc
    I also applied to the evening/weekend program. I have already figured out how many points I will have (5.82) but not sure it will be good enough if they have had that many applicants. It kinda hurt my points that I don't have any paid direct patient care experience. I was in Micro last semester with someone who was accepted and only had like 4.7 points.
  6. by   emc1984
    I applied for the day program and still have not heard anything. The postcard said about 6 weeks after the end of the application period, but it is going on 10 weeks! Anyone else heard anything yet?
  7. by   dazeyc
    I still haven't heard a thing. Kinda disheartening when enrollment for Spring semester starts in 2 weeks. I need to know what classes to sign up for. If I'm not accepted, I'm just taking the additional classes I need for a BSN and will apply elsewhere
  8. by   thart005
    hi all,

    i've tried calling several times to get an idea of a timeline for a decision. finally, i sent a polite email and got a response 10 minutes later! lesson learned: email is faster than calling for pv nursing.

    tammie (the program coordinator) sent the following response to my inquiry:

    i do understand the hardship that not having a decision places on each and every student. we are continuing to work through the process. my hope is for early november with response letters to all of the students.

    thank you for your patience.

    i hope this helps as now we have a general timetable.
  9. by   stc254
    Well, I just called today to ask about the dates for the TEAS test and she said they don’t have any dates yet and the info will be in our packets. She also said to give them THREE MORE WEEKS - I almost dropped the phone – I had her clarify that packets will not be sent out for another three weeks and she said yes to give them until then.
  10. by   jlovesee
    Wow they are really pushing it for a Spring Semester start... What is that End of November? Basically a little over a month between packet receipt and start of the semester.

  11. by   oneofthesedays
    I got my packet in the mail Saturday, November 5. There is a lot to get done between now and the start of the semester. The TEAS is NOV 14 or NOV 15.
  12. by   emc1984
    No kidding! It looks like they want most of it done by our check-ins in December which seems a little unrealistic to me. Oh well. Guess I better get started!
  13. by   stc254
    Nothing for me yet. Did anyone applying for evening/weekend get their packet?
  14. by   jlovesee
    I haven't received anything either (as of monday night)... I applied for nights/weekends too.

    I have all 7 points, so I can't imagine I didn't get in.